The Shipping Crisis.

GeraldtheGnome: I added two messages on here based on a topic of mine from a month ago into one message and the other one that is more recent I will add below this one. Only this sentence and the former message are new, the rest is just what I edited today. Merchant shipping in The Northern Hemisphere is affected by various factors, rough seas, piracy, fuel costs, taxes, fees, tariffs, the closing down of a canal (in some areas), war, pandemics and so on. Shipping routes in The Northern Hemisphere. Ships of The Northern Hemisphere that are usually at a disadvantage if they don't go through either the Panama or Suez Canals are ships that have insurance problems for the companies that run them and for the companies that have products onboard at times when something goes wrong at, near or at least to and from a canal when something goes wrong along that route.

At present those ships that usually use The Suez Canal have to go around the southern tip of Africa to avoid problems caused by the Houthi rebels that have stolen parts of western Yemen and basically made that area a country of its own. Any shipping from any country or overseas territory in The Southern Hemisphere where shipping generally is better when ships are going through The Suez Canal. It's caused a problem at the canal but it's not due to what has happened there, instead it's due to what the Houthis have done against shipping in The Red Sea and in The Gulf of Aden.

If that is true or not is what I will leave alone for now. Now to changing the subject completely. Who is narcissistic ? I got falsely accused of being just that by Rebel1916 just as he falsely accused me of being a liar and also of at least being a fascist. I will leave out here of what he thought about something else that I brought up especially since then I brought about an update about the other thing and why on that he shouldn't have been so quick to think that I was a liar.

First of all I suspect that Rebel1916 is a narcissist and I always have since knowing about the immoral and unethical man. Here's a part of what I deleted that he came up with.

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First of all I am nothing like Hitler, I also find it funny that someone who shows a photo of the Hitler like dictator of Russia known as Vladimir Putin has the cheek to compare me to Hitler when in reality I can compare Vladimir Putin, the scourge of Russia and the tyrant, to that of the deceased Adolf Hitler. That though is what you get from someone with a one eyed point of view.

The problem has been and the problem still is caused by the Houthi rebels, how much so is the real debate instead of if it so. I never claimed that the Houthi rebels ever closed down the canal, I also didn't imply that they did. 'Putin fan' however mentioned that the canal was closed down. In reality I challenge if either him or I are right about some things about the canal, I think that him and I might or are both wrong about some things about it. Whatever is happening and whatever has so far happened in The Gaza Strip, that I must admit is almost completely Israeli military occupied never should have, still shouldn't and never should be an extremely lame excuse for ships that have been attacked in The Red Sea and in The Gulf of Aden.

No matter what is found out about the genocide accusations at Gaza, (a part of The Palestinian Territories), there still is no excuse for ships away from that are being attacked. It never should have happened, it shouldn't be happening right now if it is and it never should happen ever again. the only one truly on a 'high horse' is the one who lovingly has things about terrorist groups, dictators, a dead tyrant named Che and any other horrible things that he has on his account that should be permanently deleted as soon as possible. The hatred of that man makes him illogical and irrational. A true rent a crowd guy who goes for the wrong things and for the wrong people. It just so happens that the only people who are truly childish about the shipping crisis are the Houthis (who caused it) and the Vladimir Putin fan.

I was told that the ships captains were deciding not go through the canal at all due to the insurance problems of it was declared a war zone and due to the possibility of an attack on any ship any captain was in if the Houthi rebels attacked the ship. That I think was wrong meaning that I am sure that I am wrong since I do think that other attacks have happened on ships that after or going to the canal were attacked. On January 12, unless the canal authority was either lying or downplaying things told the truth about shipping through the canal.

Here are more updates from the canal authority.

Despite conflicting news stories, Houthi propaganda and the propaganda from the brainwashed Houthi rebels fan there is the truth there somewhere. Whatever it is it still has to be bad for business for the canal authority, for shipping in general and for companies. There is at least some ships' captains', if the story is true, that are going around the long way to avoid any attack. This impacts on trade with those that usually go through (if at least some are not) or are even still going through there since it too bumps up the price on what is sold, maybe even on marine fuel and insurance too. I'm not for how Israel was formed, it though is still irrelevant to this and is only used by you and the Houthis as an excuse for why ships are being attacked.

The Vladimir Putin fan is not a a fan of the best suited words, he is into hate filled ideologies though. Maybe he has a fascist approach or maybe he doesn't. Is he at least a fan of fascists ? Well it looks like he might be. Maybe he is also a narcissist, I am not, I am always looking for how anything is wrong, even and especially by me, it's something that I have not seen from the Russian regime fan. Does he have the inability to admit when he is wrong ? It sure looks like it.

The things by the two left on there are wrong, that topic should also be deleted and the two people with the remaining messages on there should be permanently banned from this site. All of their topics should be deleted.

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I have already brought up an update of the other things of that topic elsewhere.

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He should be ashamed and apologize, he should delete his rubbish and he should not be flattered in any way. He should be permanently removed from this site as soon as possible. Bonzono should also be ashamed and apologize, that one, with the false location, should delete that one’s own rubbish as well.
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GeraldtheGnome: Just in case it wasn't shown that myself and the troll on this site (who got his stuff deleted) were most likely both wrong I made sure I left this.

With what was updated, unless what is shown is a lie, which I very much doubt, then at least at the time of the update that would mean that both myself and the troll, since we both jumped to conclusions, were wrong that the canal was closed down at the time. I at least laughed about the disproven conspiracy theory that was given by the troll.

Of course, if any of the videos or any other content is actually wrong then by all means show what the truth about what is wrong. Proof helps, my own assumptions, that of the trolls and of some other people so far have been way off at times and with some other things it's a case that them and I still might be wrong.

Then of course there is also the troll that supports that fan of murderers, tyrants, terrorists and dictators either aware or unaware that the other person is like that. This bit about making a plural form out of the word freedom is absolutely ridiculous. Getting away from that though is the fact that anyone supporting such a person should never have claimed that someone is not all there after supporting that person. I'm not the one who supports such things, it also makes me laugh that that same person has a double standard (if in the know) by going against people with guns in The United States of America where innocent people have been shot to death but has supported someone who is for killing innocent people with guns and other things.

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I know that over there there is the National Rifle Association. What the heck is the RNA though ? Was that a mistake ? Here it means The Royal National Association for short or the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association, it's located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. RNA stands for other things too, just look at Wikipedia alone for examples. The word and is not needed at the front of a sentence and should be left off the front of a sentence.

Here's what that troll with the fake location added to the other troll's topic.

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I'm with it no matter how weird I am, it's not me who is not all there, I am not the who is narcissistic, they are suspected of having a Narcissistic personality disorder and Bonzono is also suspected of having a Borderline personality disorder. They both need serious mental help. They both should be permanently banned from this site and their topics should be deleted also.
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