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Ok I decided to give praiwar another chance and read some more of his post. Maybe he just misspoke at the start.

I am confused about Cancel Culture being alarming? Why is that?
Isn't our Elections System Cancel Culture at work? We don't like what people say or represent do we not cancel them by voting them out?

Should we not hold people accountable for their actions and words? Why shouldn't I stop buying products from a Co. that helped elect a human waste like Trump?

Explain why that is a bad thing?

prair: That's the idiocrasy of liberals, they somehow think they are more accepted by the "powers that be" and will be kept safe by them"

I have no clue what this is meant to say? If he is implying Liberals believe Gov. will keep them safe, are they wrong?

Who runs the Military's? Who runs the Law Enforcement agencies? Who fights out Wars?

Liberal believe Gov is not in place to maximize ones success but is there to minimize ones failures. I buy into that belief.

prair then says: What is a full socialist government? Who pays for it?"

He brings up a hypothetical like Conservatives do if he is one or not, that is their MO.

Who in America is promoting Socialism? Explain.

America has many many Democratic Socialist's programs and they are the most popular ones we have. No Democratic Socialist I know of is promoting no private ownership or Gov, complete control so I guess he is just wondering?

Mankind was meant to be free and mankind, womankind, any gender identity you choose kind, must live and die free. IMHO

prair: Have you forgotten about the gay couple who sued a Christian bakery because they refused to make a gay wedding cake?
Where does it stop and begin?"

I don't know what side he was taking here, but one part says Freedom for all then the next implies as I read it, to condemn people who are different sexually of the freedom to order product like other people can. When denied they sued?

prair then says: Paraphrased quote by me - I may not like what you have to say, but I will fight for your right to speak freely."

So does that mean he is defending the right of the owners to refuse to sell their product?

Or is he saying he will defend the right of the Gay couple to enforce their access to equal rights like straight people have?

I might have started out on the wrong opinion at the start with his opening line of Obama privatized the internet.

I believe in freedom but also believe there are limitations. I can accept one cant yell Fire in a crowded theater.

I also believe one can control what is said on their own media. Freedom cant be one way.

Gov. again is for all of us or the vast majority. If hate speech that leads to violence is spread then that can be regulated. Especially when we live in a Country of unequal education levels, Mental deficiencies, and Extremists Groups looking to start trouble.

We know we have a Cancel Culture mechanism at hand , "Elections" to rectify mistake made by our elected officials.

In a Democracy a Majority makes that decision so if one party decides some free speech is unacceptable and the majority of America disagrees they will be cancelled.

One more time Gov. is there to help control tools for Chaos and to help Americans who need help.

Much of the rest of his post was for good thinking material.
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