Nationalism Unites


By definition putting America First, the American agenda, Buy American - Hire American, American jobs, American greatness, and American freedom, is not racist or white nationalism.

The United States of America is made up of all races, all national heritages, and all religions.

Anyone who uses their own brains to think knows this.

Nationalism brings all Americans together as one people.
Unity from diversity.

It is the fake news and the Democrats who are ripping America apart by breaking the American people into groups, and putting them against each other.

We must push forward as one people, under one flag, with one national purpose, to ensure the American Dream is available to all Americans with so many opportunities and chances it would be near impossible for anyone and any family to constantly fail.

For those who need help we need to continue to have the safety net, so people and families can bounce back.

We lost our way over the past 5 decades.

President Trump and his administration work hard everyday to restore the promise of the American Dream to all Americans.

This can never be successful with open borders and communist and socialist policies and laws.

The greatness of America is when America provides each and every person with the opportunity to find what they are good at, even if it takes an individual many chances to find it.

Providing those chances and opportunity is the key to this.

The Democrat political party, governments, and administrators have done a terrible job for people wherever they are in power.

I am calling on all Americans to wake up and see the truth.

Vote Trump. Vote Republican.

Vote Republican not just for Federal office, but for your town, your city, your county, and your State.
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