symbols separated

Xrusaoros Pegasos
Xrusaoros Pegasos: I wrote this poem sometime last year. It was never intended to be uploaded but what the

This is a victory poem about a spiritual battle. It attempts to show the perceptive process that was used "to see the symbols separated" and make a winning strategy. The victory was given to Joshua AKA Jesus.

It is not about real walls. There are a lot of patterns which if perceived will help illuminate the meaning of the poem.

The line that reads "so to see ere," is a play on words.

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Xrusaoros Pegasos
Xrusaoros Pegasos:
Like Odysseus maybe,
strategtic n witty.

Or like Hephaestus,
forming many at the forge for justice,
not for himself but for all,
limped he in Olympus between them
to and fro what for every call.

Mentor and teacher, expounding on mount Pelion, Chiron in fields of saffron.

Not quite.

For fought I with might in the cold ride of midnight,
the lamp of light in my left,
the sword of the LORD in my right

a single voice was heard,
a lone battle cry and not of many waters.


Maybe this is it,
maybe this is goodbye.

With the help of the arm of the LORD,
Moses parted the red sea for the ransom to pass,
Pharaoh thought to take them back to the land of sin at last.

His heart hard as stone,
his men now under the sea,
dead and prone.

The walls of the sea swallowed them in victory.

O Wire, thou art entrenched in mire,
and like swine they are fenced in a pen.

Ye feast on your bread,
bubbled up and rised,
full of yeast,

They thought to leaven our lump,
but non compromised.

Brute beasts,
by their only means,

Then I remembered the Logos in my right hand,
and the light, the phos in my left.

I saw with real eyes,
the glimmering light reflecting on the blade,
bouncing beams into every shade,
of darkness the enemy camp made.

I realized the picture that real lies hide,
the shade that walls make.

Then sought I the symbols separated,
so to see ere,
above the cosmos,
and soar the atmosphere,

and pass over the bounds of earthy clay,
not bound by the plain of horizontal sight of man,
where lies bryers and fences.

And God made the firmament,
and divided the waters which were under the firmament
from the waters which were above the firmament;

and it was so;

now were encompassed the walls of Jericho,
and on the seventh the trumpets blasted,
their voice reverberating to and fro.

Like a trap sprung,
the walls of Jericho plunged,
down into the dust,
it's mortar made of bread.

The Word flooded their "stronghold,"

their walls held not aqua,
and in victory now held Joshua.

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