Dark and Light poems

luna_moonlight: Here you can post any poems reflecting on darkness and light, metaphoricly.
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luna_moonlight: For this poem, I made it like a verbal feud of the spirits, of dark and light,

Dark:There's no light left
Light:There's always light
Dark: Only darkness
Light: It will not prevail
Dark: If your looking for a savior, look away
Light: I still have hope
Dark: You are a fool
Light: I still have faith in you
Dark: It will only fail
Light: For as long as I stand, I will not be deterred
Dark: You stand no chance
Light: I will fight all I need, for those in need
Dark: Yet, they don't come for you?
Light: Yet, your all alone
Dark: I choose this way, take some heed
Light: You won't win
Dark: I have no use to win, only for you to be gone
Light: Without light, there is no dark
Dark: Then, neither shall be
Light: Take some heart
Dark: I left it long ago
Light: You won't bring me down
Dark: Just watch me
Light: You won't, you can't
Dark: I told you I'm no savior
Light: But I still believe
Dark: And I hold the ground beneath the Earth and trees
Light: And I hold the wonders above
Dark: Without heed they will fall
Light: And for them to stay up, I will risk it all
Dark: They've already fallen
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Kez33: Wow beautiful
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WineNSarcasm: I really like this one, luna ! Please, please keep writing !
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luna_moonlight: Okay, 😊
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WarriorMouse: In Darkness I rise
Rubbing mice eyes.
Light will not soon show
Until after arriving at work
As I ready to go.

Feeling the Dark in my heart....
But wait!
There's something great!
Something still feels right
As I work toward the Light.

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TOKYO ZIP: As the dark rises and skys darken we all die a little inside no feelings as we reside hand for heart and blood for tooth And when comes the light and the nice blue light we have no thoughts from last night
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