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pantangtyger: No place to unwind I can hear the music do I have to be blind to rewind and change my ways day by day ticking away till the new year new fear I don't want to hear...I just want to do...I want to be real with myself so I can be real with you...neither of us have a clue but the hope that holds us together like glue..there's light in the void there's fight in the boy there's peace in the heart but I don't know to start ..if I could go back I'd make the same mistakes and fall for the same trap it just happens I'm part of the flow you can hear me now when I'm part of the show have to hit this new low just to relate I don't want this hate we could all without like failed beings it's nothing we can do about..do I mean something do I have soul where's my fate how do I know when ..I have to be zen..I have to grow and fight but live right give ceaser whats ceaser but how do I live right ..coming from the field with a left .. be grateful what I have left the time spent and people met thankfully for my country and God just want to be the best I want to be genuine..genuine...I just want to be genuine ...that's all I want to be... especially to myaelf
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