The Silent Wheelchair

daisiesnfld: The Silent Wheelchair
The house reverberated with her voice
Bouncing off the walls and doors
In the hallways where once traveled
A silent wheelchair on the floor
A hairbrush on the dresser top
Held the white strands she had earned
A Bible on her bed night stand
Marked with passages she'd learned
Standing looking out her back door
Through lace covered window panes
Propped against an old porch swing
The well worn walking cane
But the flowers growing there
They spread far and wide and free
And in the climbing velvet roses
Was proof enough for me
She was not gone but simply done
Waltzed into heaven with a smile
Needing no wheelchair she walks there
Crowned silver hair coiffed in style
Knowing where she's living now
I'm reminding all of those
That came and gently kissed her brow
They have gazed upon a rose
© DaisiesNfld

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eyeofthetiger2u7: Daisie I don't quite know what to say about this poem except that it is a poetic work of art. This may be the best you have ever written ! Maybe a bit on the sad side but it has a wonderful ending.
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Boe Jiden_Foe Miden
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dreadlox33: Heh. Maybe im dumb,,,,,,,never knew this was here. Waltzed into heaven with a smile I'llread more ,,,,since i know where to find now.....
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