Teardrops And A Feather

Teardrops And A Feather
Tears of sadness for thee I shed
Like a dagger deep in my heart
The wound of deceit bleeds red
But I knew this from the start
A single tear fell on a feather
Floating in the gentle breeze
Drifting into stormy weather
Disappearing in angry seas
When will all this agony subside
Should I wait with baited breath
If this persists two hearts divide
What's left will be sudden death
Maybe I can sit here for a while
Then I'll hang my head and cry
There was a time I wore a smile
Now that's all gone bye and bye
Why must you treat me this way
I really can't seem to understand
You packed a bag left on that day
Did you think you'd hear a band
So I'm lying here brokenhearted
My face sad as a weeping willow
How I wish love was as it started
And not teardrops on my pillow
EyeOfTheTiger2u7 ©
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daisiesnfld: I've never read this one but it's really good, I like it! Keep up the good work!
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