Halloween Moon

Halloween Moon
The moon is full oh what a sight
Ghosts and witches better scurry
Owls that hoot deep into the night
Halloween arrives in an awful hurry
Time to carve a face in the pumpkin
Making sure that the candle is lit
Teeth that gleam I'm kind of thinking
This one will scare you out of your wits
On the porch yellow eyes in the dark
Something is lurking it might be a bat
Maybe a ghost to scare us with a lark
It's only a black cat in a witches hat
Werewolves that howl at the moon
Seem to sense something is near
The sun will rise and be daylight soon
Then there will be nothing to fear
Boil boil toil and trouble
Stir up the witches brew
Ghosts make me see double
A frightening thing or two
I have my costume ready to greet
But I'm afraid of what I will meet
Trick or Treat smell my feet
Give me something good to eat

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