Cooked Witch (True Halloween Story..hee hee)

daisiesnfld: Cooked Witch
(A true Halloween story..hee hee)
The wicked evil sniveling witch
Found her perfect chance
To do her gossip while she snitched
The night the manic's danced
She spread her evil with her cloak
And flames leapt from her tongue
She stirred her pot of witch's brew
Left not a soul un-turned
She blew the whistle on the meek
Made hash in cauldron of the kind
And kept the fires of rumors fresh
So none would not be left behind
Her voice shrill and rasp and cruel
Her mask did not disguise her name
But known to all on Hallow's Eve
Relished in her well known fame
Her night to howl and on the prowl
She haunted every Wire Chat room
With crooked nose her stories grow
She made them each a tomb!
She beckoned demons of the past
Harassment was her only joy
And with no life except torment
Made people into temporary toys
But witch beware on this hallow night
Look carefully into your own brew
The table's turned and you'll be burned
For what is cooking now is you!
[AKA DaisiesNfld]
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eyeofthetiger2u7: Hmmmmmm ! Anybody we know Daisie lololololo
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daisiesnfld: Lol Could beeeeee
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