daisiesnfld: Stress
Did the micronisms in the air
Just suddenly get out of hand
When finally you'd had enough
And it all hit the fan?
Was it a word, a deed, an action
Or simply even a single mistake
That straw that broke the camel's back
Was all that you could take?
Perhaps built up resentment
Of all the tears you'd shed
And the unresolved issues
That you finally lost your head?
Could it have been the envy
Associated with the greed
You felt denied to you
Of that which you think you need?
Have you examined your own actions
Considered attributes you lack
Or counted all the mistakes you make
Made amends for which you've lost track?
Counting all the blessings in your life
That daily you're receiving
Rather than envy those of many
How much have you been giving?
Forgiveness is still there for us
And free for all mankind
Don't allow micronisms to hit the fan
Turn it off next time
© DaisiesNfld
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