Whiskey Bottle Blues

Whiskey Bottle Blues
It was the other day she left me
They say shes running around
My mind just wont set me free
Lay that whiskey bottle down
Winds are blowing in the willow
Seem to be calling out her name
And there are tears on my pillow
They are falling like purple rain
We just cannot go on this way
Was it something I did wrong
There is nothing more to say
Just words of a sad love song
Since shes gone away forever
I know how lonely life can be
And I recall the way we were
Her shadow wont set me free
It's no good to run and hide
Time after time I have tried
Must be some way I can lose
These whiskey bottle blues

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daisiesnfld: Sad Ken, but written so well. So much of your poetry comes from that part of you unseen, unknown by most....
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