Did You Know

daisiesnfld: Did You Know?
The news on every channel
And the words that we all dread
"The count of cases rising"
And the number of the dead
Yet seats were filled on air planes
Vehicles set out to drive
And cast aside the warnings
Some would not return alive
That holiday just once a year
Seems harmless to those
Who took no responsibility
For repercussions they imposed
When work was done it felt like fun
To have a drink or two
With no regard to mingling
Or how it might affect you
Still the cases mounted
The ICU beds now full
And shoppers and bar hoppers
Couldn't even be more cruel
And then came news of a vaccine
That would allow us all a chance
But others vetoed that idea
United firm in stance
The mourning of lost families
Who chose to dine among the crowds
Wailed loud and never ceasing
When their dead were wrapped in shrouds
Now waiting patiently house bound
The old, the frail, the failing
Watched through glass the gathering mass
While praying for a blessing
The warnings and the prophecies
Of more than two thousand years ago
Sprang to minds among the chaos
Of unbelievers failing to know
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