Sick twisted and dark. (Page 2)

Lilith___: Roses are bloody
Violets are black
Two vampires make love.
Blind rage and hunger
Bites and pain
Followed by hurricane
Speeding, spinning, hardly breathing
everything squeezing.
It is Hell and Eden
I want that never ending.
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DawnXReaper: My love for you had bloomed like a flower in spring,
Then one day, one morning, I heard a ring,
It was an ice cream truck headed for me.
It crushed my love, my heart, making it all sting.

I was walking along the edge of a bridge at night,
Looking at the water, smiling, waiting for a sign to start my flight.
I heard the cries of my guardian angel as she was given a bad treat,
A bad treat which would seconds later, cause my smile and myself, to delete.
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CorwinCorwin (Wireclub Moderator)
"I Miss Her Sometimes"

The other day I ran into an old ex-girlfriend.
Then I backed up my car and ran into her again.
I miss her sometimes.

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Lilith___: Like a bird soaring in the sky
I feel myself so free and light
Gazing at the drifting clouds
Far away from the dull background.
I know, this aeriform is not forever
unless I jump, hang, cut or whatever.
Why it's so hard to make my mind
It's just a step, a rid, a stab, to cross the gap.
This torture tears me apart
I changed, I can't come back.
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DawnXReaper: Roses are red,
Violets may be blue.
Why question my life
Should I interrogate you?
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Lilith___: One, two, three
One came to see me
Four, five , six
We had our short fix
Seven, eight, nine
Screams at the redline
You doubt
Go from my game out.
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brookeatwell: In my dreams I see you walk away from me.
no matter what i do, you choose them everytime.
so why do you taunt me, why be so cruel, what could i have ever done to you?
Stuck in the quicksand sinking to my death,
i ask you to help but all you do is laugh
(Edited by brookeatwell)
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brookeatwell: scenery changes, people don't.
New faces, but the same personalitys.
its like im stuck in limbo, nothing changing
but time continues
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Lilith___: Roses are still alive
Violets are granted pardon
In the Middle Ages
There were stages
To set a fire
and make you perspire
That performance is in my head
While you're snoring in the bed.
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A letter to my first love: 'I wanted to live inside you like a parasite'
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BAD_WOLF__: Roses are red
Violence is a tool
You fucked your daughter
Old boy is cool
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brookeatwell: We run but the darkness follows,
We cry but its all for naught.
for what we see in the mirror's reflection is exactly who we are
You can run, but you can never escape your shadow
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harlettsines: worms worms wormy worms

wormy skin worms
eat poop breed upon our skin
wormy skin worms cause blackheads
white heads all manner of skin bumps

yippp-peeee we have alive living wormy skin worms

living eating breeding pooping alongside of our hair follicles

worms worms wormy worms

and that's just on our outer surface
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LoisS: Roses are Red
My name is Doug
This poem makes no sense
My name is Doug.....
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harlettsines: roses are red
can the dead see you
if your roses are blue
can they hear you
bet if they are pink
they can touch you


can you imagine if your roses

are rainbow

how they could ____ you !!!!

(Edited by harlettsines)
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trickyavery: Desire runs through
as I watch you
Experience deja vu
As I watch you
Sweet morning dew
Bright light anew
Death follows through
as I watch you

Watching and waiting
You call me to
Without Hesitating
I watch you
Come sweet surrender
As life flea's from you
Until you condemn her
My eyes, their on you

The rain falls down
As tears they cry
Angelic wing will break
As I watch you die

Desire calls you
as I watch you
The fear escapes you
I follow through
Now light escapes you
In the morning dew
Death over takes you
as I watch you

The rain streams down
Sweet angel dies
Not heaven bound
To hell she flys

My heart where you've never been
You've had your chance and I'll
Never open up again. For I'm a closed
book never to be opened up again

The rain storms down
Out from the sky
Right into the ground
You're soul is buried alive
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LoisS: Roses are Red
They grow around my cottage
Angry German guy dents car
with a giant sausage
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jhor6999: When I awoke
The moon was shining brightly. Making the glow on my body. My armour crusty and rusted crackled as I stood
I now saw it, the mass of dead. All taken by the demon inside them. There was no chance to fight back. Armour could not protect the soul. Swords could not slay the emotions. We were fools who thought we could kill what was killing us. But in truth, we would have never won. I pull my sword up to my chest piece and close my eyes to the scraping noise. Finally, it cracked and my sword went in. I fell to my knees and saw a figure as dark as the night sky. He smiled "You were always too weak. Your mind was tainted from the start and now it's finally over. You've fallen to me." It's voice cold and non-caring. I fell over, my last sight the bottom of the feet of the demon as he walked away.
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(Post deleted by jhor6999 8 months ago)
jhor6999: Dreams in life
As the sun rises the moon sets. As the stars flee the world chirps. As we wake the dreams hollow. As we think our minds weaken. As we work our bodies tire. As we relax our mind grows weary. As we lay down our heart slows. As we close our eyes our mind prepared.
Now you have entered a new land. One shaped by you, made from all the thoughts you have, all the dreams you had are here. Floating on islands accessible only by airship. You board your flight and choose your goal knowing little of where you'll be. You land and you live then you sleep. Awaking to the sun rising and moon setting. Which is a dream and which is a reality?
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brookeatwell: corrupted as the human mind,
and as sure as the dawn,
i knew you werent there for me, but i carried on.

you told me you loved me, and i tried to believe
to believe you were the man that everyone perceived.

but i new from the start, that you'd break your promise.
i knew from the start that all this was for nothing.

as the light flew into my broken window,
i surrendered to the cold hands of ever lasting pain

condemning myself to the inevitable
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ajb911: Sick twisted and dark/ thus lies the soul petrified
in terror/for a time/maybe/for an eternity
and then / and then / a penetrating silence
sets in / and all thoughts of relief cease
for life is but a lease.
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ajb911: this place where no light escapes/devoid
of feelings/i linger on/ all these years
i was wrong / i assumed the worst/thus
the my heart bursts.
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ajb911: Welcome to the Time Machine it
will chew you up / and for desert /
dine on your spleen.
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BAD_WOLF__: Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul
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