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ray53young: "Tanglewood"

Turning off of the main road, I drove back a gravel lane before passing under a big sign.

-Welcome To Tanglewood-

I always wanted to find out what a nudist resort was like but never had the guts. Being a teacher, I had the summer off so I decided this was the time to finally satisfy my curiosity.

I nerviously approached the front desk to confirm my reservation and check in. The receptionist was an attractive young girl wearing absolutely nothing but a ball cap and sandals. At least I stilll had my clothes on. She told me I was in cabbin 4 and gave me the keys. I walked towards a large double door that said MAIN ENTRANCE. She quickly stepped out from behind the counter and grabbed my arm.

"What are you doing? You can't go out there like that. Beyond this door is positively no clothing."

She stood there watching while I removed my things. I was already having second thoughts about this whole idea.

"Thank you sir, and I promise you will get used to it. My first day was scary too, but feeling exposed and vulnerable is part of the thrill. Please take a seat out there in the flower garden and I will fetch Jerry to show you around."

I shuffled through the door and found myself in another world. There was a yellow brick walkway leading to a bench in the center of the fragrant garden. I sat down to wait for this Jerry guy. An outburst of laughter startled me. I guess my nerves were on edge because it was just a group of women chatting at a picnic table. As I continued to survey my surroundings I spotted two old men playing checkers under a gazebo. My biggest fear was getting an embarrassing erection. In a few minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to behold a vision of perfection.

"Hello, I'm Jerri."

"Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to be a..."

"A man? I hope you aren't too disappointed."

"No no, I like women way better!"

"I like them too, but I usually prefer men. So are you going to just sit there or let me welcome you with a nice hug."

As soon as I got up she threw her arms around me and pulled me against her warm body. Her hands were sliding up and down my back and she smelled wonderful. Oh no, I can feel it!  I'm getting hard! No-no-no! As soon as she let go I tried to cover myself.

"Now don't be shy. You need to celebrate your body, not cover it up. This is a place to free yourself from the inhibitions that society has burdened us with. We strive for total freedom of mind, body and spirit.
So what's your name?"

"Greg, Greg Harris."

"Well I'm pleased to meet you Greg. Now let's get on with the tour, shall we? And no covering up! A healthy erection is nothing to be ashamed of."

She was delightfully slender with light brown hair and sexy hips that flowed into long muscular legs, plus an awesome pair of tits that seemed to defy gravity. That clumsy boner was not giving up any time soon.

"Now right over there we have the dining hall with the pool located just behind it.  I hope you like skinny dipping Greg, because every evening after dark we have a pool party. It's the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with being naked in a crowd. Everyone will be anxious to get acquainted. Oh good heavens, I almost forgot the nature trail, it's my favorite. The path is right over there, and it's a bit narrow so allow me to lead the way."

Hell, now I was staring at her sexy ass. My stiffy bobbed along behind her, swaying back and forth like a dog's tail. I was so glad there were no other people close by. We entered the woods and it became darker. The organic smell of the vegetation was intoxicating.  As we walked deeper through the towering trees I looked back and could no longer see the entrance. Suddenly I tripped on something and ran right into her.

"I'm so sorry, it was a tree root or something."

"That's ok, at least I broke your fall. Oh my, and you still have that lovely erection. The forest always gets me horny too.  Greg, unlike most nudist resorts, we here at Tanglewood surrender to our natural instincts. What's the sense of being naked with others if you have to constantly restrain yourself."


"Would you like to take a break and relax on that nice bed of moss over there?"

She put her arms around me again and squeezed tight as her lips met mine. I've never kissed anyone this gorgeous! Her softness was pressing against me and she started humping.

"Greg, do you feel the call of the wild?"

"I'm definitely feeling it!"

She took my hand and led me over to lay on the lush green carpet.  My first day here, and this was actually happening!!

We frolicked under the dense canopy of trees.  Jerri eventually took control and moved on top.  Her hand reached down and started sliding the head of my cock along the length of her slippery smooth twinkie.

Her hips gently lowered until I was deep inside. It was so warm and soothing! She gripped my shoulders and began bouncing. All I had to do was lay there watch the beautiful fluid motion of her tits!

Soon she was thrashing into me with voracious lust and begging me to cum inside her. Suddenly a deafening cry echoed through the trees and her body collapsed on top of me quivering!

"Oh Greg! Fuck, that was so powerful! I'm still tingling!  I have to confess that I wanted to feel that delicious cock inside me from the moment I saw it!  Now it's your turn on top. You need to fill me up with your sweet love juice."

We swapped positions so I could continue at whatever pace felt best. Our bodies started working together again.  I couldn't take my eyes off those unbelievable mountains of jello. She was gasping and calling out my name in frantic joy.  I was almost there and could feel myself begin to wind up.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes give it to me baby!  Give it to me!"

Fahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Gahhh....

I was totally demolished. We must have rested for 30 minutes looking into each other's eyes and softly kissing as our juices dripped on the moss.

The two of us strolled back hand in hand until we came to a picnic area where there was a large group eating. They spotted us approaching and motioned for us to join them.  As we drew close Jerri spoke up...


Everyone started to clap and seemed excited to meet me. They were reaching out to shake my hand as we walked towards the buffet table. I spotted the hostess from the front desk still wearing her ball cap and straddling someone's lap. A few others were also enjoying more than just the food.

Watching all the activity was rapidly giving me another boner. I recalled what Jerri said and battled the urge to cover up. A chubby bald guy was watching me grow and offered an admiring gesture of approval. Then I felt a pat on my ass and turned to see a white-haired lady with a naughty grin.

Jerri put her arm around me and whispered in my ear...

"Greg, it's very important to show compassion to the entire community. When someone desires your companionship, and I mean anyone, don't ever consider turning away the opportunity to make a new friend."

By this time I was sporting a flagpole as a pair of Asian women walked by and paused to introduce themselves. It took all the concentration I had to speak coherently while they were looking over my appendage like it was a fresh addition to the buffet. Meanwhile, the white-haired lady lifted up her boobs and winked.

There was no doubt, it was going to be an eventful summer.
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