PoP Squad

AretoNyx: Just found out about a thing called PoP Squad even though it has been around a while. Chris Hansen did an interview with one of the guys doing journalistic hobby on this. I wonder if they use the Family Watchdog Website, or even follow Truckers Against Trafficking or of the like.

Hopefully those hurt and those that hurt others do get help. It is not always funded in every place for nonprofits to help victims or survivors, but instead some get arrested depending on laws of where such folks live. Some even have ways to sell off kids in culture , cult, or just in legalized forced child marriage to adults regardless if in the same situation unmarried this sort of relationship would be illegal. Though at least things are getting better many places and including in the US many states since last year. Still work needs done for victims and survivors, and to halt the buyers based in reality rather than blame only one group or another.
Both left and right politicians are changing things better even if some left and right politics allow apologist reasons for rapists to do as they wish, and even as kids. This includes the US checks and balances for years of kits to whatever issues up to point of kids being ignored.

People with issues to harm kids can be any one rich , poor, religious, and so on.
Catholic Church to schools have had troubles with molesters since forever.
There was even a story of a firefighter and restaurant owner having been caught in a pedophile ring selling a kid under human trafficking to a cult also pushing human trafficking. There are different forms of forced labor in human trafficking, but these were perverted sad things done to people. I do not know if such suffering will ever end for even kids caught up in such abuse, but every month should be child abuse prevention month.

PoP Squad or any group may try to make others aware, but are people really all that aware? Including those that need help?

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