Child support is PROSTITUTION IN MARRIAGE (Page 2)

loveistruth: I agree with where you are coming from....but not all your saying! According to the Word divorce does not exist and marriage is not a legal document! If you separate the women is an adulteress, however a man can not be because men can have as many wives of concubines as he can provide for righteously! On the they are not the responsibility of the woman.....children belong to the man, we are of our fathers and a woman is just the vessel. If a woman chooses to walk away..she gives up her children as well, they belong to whom they are the seed of. The government is anti-God...the Bible has been edited and changed to cause unrighteousness in the world and to hide the Truth!!! Men and women are not equal...Women were created for men and from man!!! To serve men...To be a help meet not to be equal..we are to build a man's house and care for it! YES I AM A WOMAN OF TRUE BELIEF IN ALL OF THE WORD!!!! The old testament, new testament and the 100's of books that were removed! This world is in for a huge surprise and the truth is surfacing! Stay strong and endure!
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Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver: Ah....god
Say no more
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Fog Swept Glade
Fog Swept Glade: I knew some skank that didn‘t want her daughter, a son, or anybody else‘s to make sure she could transition safely. My opinion is that she‘s made alot of kids & that they‘re all short of my goals.
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Jennie93xx: What a bunch of bollocks.. if you help create children.. you rightfully should support them financially.. whether you are with/married to their mother or not. Baffles me as to why so many fathers think it is okay.. to not provide for their children & or wash their hands of them. Fucking shocking
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