Why Do Moms Allow Their Teen Daughters To Dress Like Sluts? (Page 2)

consummate_bimbo: Holy shit, 20FFF? one would topple over...
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Celestial Slayes
Celestial Slayes: FFF doesn't exist but from F it goes to G to N and to be honest the biggest boobs I saw were from a friend which has a G cup and believe me they look like backbreakers and i have C but proud enough.

My mother never let me dress like a slut even if I dared to wear a shirt with a little cut I knew my time and it isn't the girl which is looking like a slut but they guy which sees her as one because a friend her daughter is 14 wearing short shorts which are tight on her butt and tight shirts but know that is a growing girl and you can't buy 24/7 new clothes for her also it is a young teen not seeing nor realizing she looks sexy.

When I was a teenager I went to a mixed-gender school and we had gym class, the girls wore shorts and a shirt also a headband for their hair and the boys a short and shirt. One day we had gym class and we had handstand but boys aren't so flexible as girls and some can't so we had to help when a boy got an erection but who dared to laugh got suspended and that is normal because you are young and develop your body so for a boy it can be nice to get female attention and poof it stands up and later you learn to control it.

Most even call a woman wearing a skirt a slut and why it is a female piece of clothing. I'm once called a slut because I kissed a few girls while they are my friends and I'm Canadian but they are Italian and by them, it is a tradition that the females give each other a kiss when they greet so nothing slutty at all.

1 thing a mother never let her daughter been dressed like a slut but it is the girl herself which decided if she does and the past against now is a whole difference because when I said mom fuck you she gave me a flat hand in the face asking me if I dared to say that again but if you slap a child now it is mom I go to the police you are abusing me and the rebellious pose because they never listen, my friend, her daughter listens well but it depends on the mother because now you see girls which are in the 20 being a mom but those are also still wild and irresponsible and that all because a young person loves to drink till drunk and party so why would they care about a baby it is oh give it to drink later food and for the rest fuck off but it is a human you take care of so they need to be responsible and they can't be being youngbloods and wolfs in a sheepskin.
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Sir Loin
Sir Loin: I'm an old fashioned Dad and have raised 5 kids alone. My 2 girls were never allowed out in slutty or ripped clothing. One daughter came home with a pair of those trendy ripped jeans so I made her hand them over for me to patch. we might've been poor but never so poor my kids had to wear rags or clothing that was far too small.
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Iris Goessens
Iris Goessens: Children are cool till they reach an age and then they turn into demons. I'm married to a woman and she has from a previous relationship a daughter but she is also older than me and her daughter is 16 but that girl is like she was breeding from Satan.

One day she wore a short skirt and I said what you think you are going like that when she said Iris shut the fuck up and I was like it is mom Iris and I'm a mother of you so a bit respect brat. She said and who the fuck you think you are slut it won't say you bang my mother I have to listen, I was like if she doesn't quit i smack her head from her shoulders because a bit more respect is on its place. I told my wife how well-behaving our daughter is when our daughter said just fuck my mom Iris and keep your mouth bitch, fuck you here sit on it. Her mother married me because she loved me so that brat has to lay her head down to it only it isn't always the parents their fault
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