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The confusing title of the forum is 'Another found sentence' , well okay then. What the hell does that mean ? Was the sentence missing before that ? Isn't there more than one sentence in the forum ? Anyway before I get a headache just thinking about it I will vaguely do a review about the forum. Number one section has 14 messages in a row about politics. I will not mention if I agreed or disagreed with any of it, some of it, most of it or all of it for now at least. Mistakes were made in the first, second and third sections that I highlighted from that forum. Now were insults or false accusations or false claims used at all by Lori at any time in the forum ?

Then Bob/Blackshoes also brought up politics in the first section of that forum. Is there anything at all wrong in his response to that of Lori's ?

Then Lori in the first section, after Bob put what he wanted there, included seven more messages by Lori. Did Lori do anything wrong there ?

Then Bob put on something after that. There were errors there. Did it, the message include at least one false claim or false accusation or insult ?

Lori then made some errors after he was on with her response. Did she make any false claims or false accusations or insults ?

Fractured, a far right fanatic on this site, then responded to all of that with so many errors that it didn't make sense. It ended up including everything that is wrong.

Lori's last answer on that section was error ridden. Did she make all false claims or false accusations or insults ?

I will bring up section 14 and section 29 later on.

Depending on what does or doesn't happen with this forum then I will review another forum in the Off Topic section next time.
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