2,200 Credits Giveaway Challenge

Zippy the Wonderslug 
Zippy the Wonderslug: Hi.

The first person to respond correctly will be gifted these credits to your account here.

The final answer to the following will be just a single, legitimate, thirteen letter approved word from an English/UK dictionary.

Only one possible solution exists that I know of.

No further hints or clues will be given.

All you have to go on is this.


The probability on time spent to find the correct word should be anywhere from 5~30 minutes.

If you're getting any results that seem off with your attempts to progress, try using different methods or websites.

A few of the ones I came across online were a titch buggy for some reason.

I'd rate this challenge on a difficulty level of about 8/10.

Good luck.
1 month ago Report
Wonderbunny: Well I seem to have ended up with an unintelligible string of characters which certainly isn't a thirteen letter word and which furthermore doesn't seem to be in any ducument that Google can find.
1 month ago Report
The giant midget
The giant midget: Is this a ancient Chinese BBQ Mediterranean italiana pasta dish???
Just asking eh
25 days ago Report