Andrea65: It´s me again at the DJ Chair 😘

We will meet in the Tuned and Bantered Music Room at the set time as per usual. The room is set to friends only at this stage so anyone interested please message Yoban and he can send a friend request and then invite you to the room. The room will be opened up to everyone if there's enough interest but the idea is to cut down on "drop in's" causing interruption to the flow.

The Idea - We post 6 SIX delicious tunes each week with song name/artist name and MOST importantly the YouTube link on this thread. The room host will copy and paste all the tunes and create a playlist and the final Youtube link to the playlist is added to the forum thread a few hours before start time. If you have any questions/worries about adding tunes to the thread please message Yoban.

The Rules -

1. All songs are to be kept to a maximum of 6 minutes, some exceptions will be given BUT not too much.
2. Event start time is 8 pm Aus, but check your countries time zones to be on the ball.
3. If you don't intend to turn up please don't post any tunes, we will wait some time for people to attend, given all the different time zones, etc BUT the show must go on!
4. Post 6 SIX song choices with your most favourite being the first choice, depending on the number of people attending the 6th or even 5th song choices will be dropped. The idea is to have around 20/24 songs in total.
5. Listen to the music, sing badly along at home to the songs, discover a new band (I have), whatever takes your fancy just have a good time and chat is always encouraged.
See you there
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Andrea65: João Pernambuco - Sons de Carrilhões, performed by Beatriz Virginia - 2:39

CHIC - Le Freak - 3:39

Quinteto Armorial - Mourão - composer: Guerra Peixe - 1:50

Luedji Luna - Manto da Noite - 4:12

Cristina Vane - Wishing Bone Blues - 4:14

Baitaca - Do Fundo da Grota (COVER by Los Zorzales) - 4:54

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Yobs: Help by John Farnham

Can't get it out of my head by ELO

Last train to nowhere by Ghost Hounds

In my heart by Moby feat Gregory Porter

One by one by John Norum

Please don't ask me by John Farnham
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Ultimate Pop Medley - Bryden & Parth

Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For?

NewJeans - Super Shy

Queen Omega - Dubplate

The world is in my hands - earwig and the witch

James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
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Andrea65: Hi there 😉😘

Herethe link:


Before pasting type this:

See you all later 😁
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