Concerts and Festivals

Malobear: I thought about starting a thread about this because I see alot of music lovers out there. Shows that you have gone to that really impacted your life and enjoyed and those maybe not so much lol
I am a musician and 57 years old. Music at that time was so much part of the youth culture back then (1960-1970s)but there was many great concerts and festivals thru the 60s to now. One festival myself and my brother went to was in Byron,GA The Atlanta Pop Festival in 1970.What a show. But one show I wish I could've seen had I been old enough was this. But maybe it was luck I probably didn't. I might've been one of the unlucky ones shipped off to Vietnam
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Malobear: In the U.S. there was a famous concert hall,Bill Grahams Fillmore East and West. Many bands went though Bill Grahams place.
Here is one great band that played the Fillmore East and this is a alter cut to a track released on their Live at the Fillmore East.

When a reporter asked Miles Davis about Jimi Hendrix,Miles could only say"
Machine Gun" From the Band of Gypsys also at the Fillmore East. (Short cut)
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