GeraldtheGnome: I used to do cartoons and a lot of people want me to do that again, I like walking through rainforests, going to events, going to the cinema, I sometimes enjoy walking in quicksand and mangroves, I do enjoy the cliched long walks on the beach, I like swimmer even though I am a terrible swimmer, I like travelling, sport, computer games, games in general, cryptic stuff, riddles, mind games, well some of them, reference books that interested me since I was a kid, things about theology, politics, the environment and I like Animals.

I do feed the wildlife, when I go to the beach I write the anarchy symbol into the sand, anything about history really interest me, females interest me, I like creating and inventing things as well. Laboratory work always does interest me quite a lot, money interest me, Cars up to and including 1949 interest me, Architecture does too, art is something I really like and I am big on music. Fantasy Books interest me. Certain Cars, Motorbikes, Jet Skis, Planes and so on from 1980 to now interest me. I love Tall Ships, Yacht races, Penny Farthing Races, Science Fiction Books (mainly of Star Wars), Movies (that usually have nothing to do with Disney), TV Shows (that usually have nothing to do with Disney), Snow Skiing, exploration, Bungee Jumping, Whitewater rafting, Abseiling, Money to a degree, making money, drives and so on. I love learning new things.
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