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Boat no float
Boat no float: i fish, and ive gotten into making lures. Ive also gotten into drawing mazes!
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AretoNyx: Creative things, walks in nature, and read to name a few.
Being new here at wire I enjoy looking at the chats and forums.
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cornish11: For over 50 years I enjoyed writing poetry/Lyrics2018 November. The greatest gift.
The greatest gift that I ever saw was that smile upon your face
The one that still takes me back to a very special place
A smile that I still recall with real happiness then all around
A smile that always gave me hope if for one second, I felt down
And that smile came from you my Dad-still in that photo to this day
And in my mind, I often see you there-wishing you could come back to stay
And sometimes I reach out to touch you-just to feel you near
While in my thoughts I keep wishing that once again you were here
And although those yesterdays I knew are now far there in the past
My love for you will last forever-while time alone its moving fast
For how could I forget that special smile and-the best friend that I ever had
And although it's just your photo that I see-you will always be my dad.

One not completely fished enclosed.
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SofiaDt: my hobbie is dancing, i want to be a professional
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awesome2010: I collect us coins dating back to washingtons time and i have 53 of 115 roman coins from era of jesus
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