Let's talk soap

Trail_7: What soap do you use or have you used? What do you like about it? I used ivory soap. I read it kills germs, removes dirt, is gentle for skin so does not dry it out dermatologists said it seems, however other sources seem to say it does dry skin out due to fragrance or 'detergents'. So utterly confusing eh. But ivory is a steal - for about 7$ you can get many bars. Plus I like the fact it says it kills germs. I also have a glycerin based brown soap but that is more 'natural' or so they list/say but it is also pricier and perhaps less effective for germs. I have also used ivory for many years when I was younger and had had no skin issues with it. I am grateful for ivory soap.
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theHating: I use probably 10 different soaps just depends on what I wanna smell like. I personally used soaps above ivory since ivory smells like trash to me..
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solittle: I grew up using Ivory. But when I started having to shave, and used Ivory for shaving, it seemed to leave white flakes on my face. So I stopped using it, and started using glycerin soaps.
Now I use shampoo for shaving cream, and have no problem.

For hand soap, I try to find the least expensive, which seems to be either Jergen's or Irish Spring.
I got Irish Spring from Walmart (online), and there were many different prices for it, so I just had to compare to get the best deal. Last time, it was 12 bars of Irish Spring for $6, so that's a good price these days.

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