The Cutter Incident and the Truth About Polio

- The Cutter Incident and the Truth About Polio

By Meghan Rose, (Ex-RN) - Jun 15, 2018 (1766 words)

Infamous propaganda photo of iron lungs containing the victims of the 1955 “Cutter Incident”, an Iatrogenic Epidemic of Vaccine-induced Poliomyelitis

I speak with a number of parents every month looking for information about vaccines. My objective is never to advise someone one way or the other about whether or not they should vaccinate – but to empower parents to make their own decisions based on research they have done. Out of all of the concerns that I hear, the most common hesitancy to not vaccinating by far is the fear of Polio. As with everything, it is important to examine the facts and weigh the risks vs the benefits of vaccinating or not vaccinating.
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