Weight issues, why is a size 8 consider fat!!! (Page 8)

AretoNyx: Idiocy and voluntary ignorance seems more of a turn off than people being judged on physical appearance for some. Though some are just that easily shallow ( at least for a one night stand).

I find it odd when thinner and younger I got less attention than I do now for saying how I look nice. Meh either way with being called ugly or pretty. Though instead on anorexic or bulimia habits one should care about reasons of health to effort to stay thinner in moderation.
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leighanne725: when are they going to update all the Forums? Its says this topic started 7 years ago.
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torresberta: If they think 8 is fat then what would happen if 300 the new skinny?
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Angry Beaver
Angry Beaver: 14 is average as far as I'm concerned, ya fat bastages!
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