how to find a generic version of a name brand cereal

Lunare: I seem to have no idea at all how to find a generic version of a name brand cereal.

I've had no luck on search engines looking for phrases like "generic version of cracklin oat bran", I got no particularly relevant results. Store websites similarly give me bupkis. I have no idea what the generic version is called by any of the stores to narrow it down. I find search results for knock-off recipes, but I'm not looking to make it homemade, just want a box of already made knock-off cereal. Do you know what a generic knock-off of that one is called? What is a general procedure to successfully find such information?
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yippeskippy: I've seen popular grocery store chains sell their own brand of cereals similar to name brands. This is as about as generic as one can get. They are in the same aisles where the name brands are, they just have the store name. Weis stores here sells their own Weis Quality 'version' of Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, etc,
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