Is human cannibalism wrong? (Page 16)

craig_rodgers_09: Exactly there the price of food going up eat a mate instead
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Mistress MAYHEM
Mistress MAYHEM: This thread has been going on a long time and I didn't read the whole thing to see if anyone addressed this but for what it's worth, I believe it's not a healthy thing, not to mention disrespectful IMO.

Research also Mad Cow Disease which originated from feeding cows food made from other cow tissue.
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Angry Beaver
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texan2023: why is this even a discussion it is absolutely morally wrong not even considering health issues smh
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Adam Southworth
Adam Southworth: You are adrift in the middle of the ocean with a child and a dead man. You have enough water, but neither food nor the means to get it. You have the choice to eat the body or starve to death with the child. What do you do? What is the moral choice? Give your reasons.
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