Past Date Stories

AretoNyx: I am wanting to understand feelings and just think on past moments with others especially with intimacy. My experience as a gray asexual that is sex positive does not reflect others experiences, but if any one wants to share a story of dates is fine with me. All humans are full of flaws and good things so the way I explain my experiences maybe different , but I find all experiences and adventure worth it in this universe.
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AretoNyx: I have had so many kissing experiences , those seeking fetishes, and people asking for intimate contact that often I had to say no to in marriage. Still flirting and online moments my husband knew of besides meeting many in public. I hate saying no and wish I could be there more for those in need but as some one else told me " I owe no one". Still I hate seeing such disappointments and hope they knew they were still wonderful in some way.

Some asked for marriage but I wanted to be true to them and myself. I do not know why it feels sad to say no, but I wish joy and love for all regardless.

So first dates were very strict when young but just hand holding. I didn't have a fist kiss until adulthood with moderately strict religious upbringing. Though as an adult I finally gave all of myself when in the military. So goes some dates so far.

There is much touching and learning with dates. In the way of even online avatars I guess can be considered dates but I am not sure what would be as so if just animated figures. Though one can online date with cam and chat maybe.
There is so much to be said with tech and dating. Even some toys can be added to the mix of such but I have not experienced that type of intimate tech toy dating myself.

I can add more stories later but for now this is something to get flowing out of me I wanted to share. I some what feel alone in my thoughts on such things at times. I didn't want to feel it was to odd either to share some things. I just didn't want to feel alone with especially not getting hugs and touch of anyone for long periods of time any more.
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AretoNyx: Well some fear showing face on social media and lack the confident nature of ways to be social. Though I can understand the conflict to not want to socialize , but not be bored or lonely. Any how also how tech works is a thing but any how.

So dating with some I can say people have fears and it does take some care, and courage. It is a shared thing to give and take, and get to know people even if just acquaintances. If anonymously that is not really dating but some may pretend it is. To date as group or individual in public spaces one still should be careful and even more so in private at first meet ups. One can only try their best and hopefully everyone is honest.
Now for intimate times actively do think safe sex ...really people should especially for themselves. Self care is important for everyone involved.
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AretoNyx: Now I am txting from a phone this so I apologize about posts. I hope to share maybe something helpful for others if not just vent some for advice myself. Though many date me and even after marriage I date with my husband knowing. However not to cheat is better if caring about loved ones, and even if it is a fetish thing for excitement. Many through out history have cheated though famous and so on...cheating often gets found out.
So just careful for many reasons on such as well.

It is also an issue of sex ed and taboo such, and culture, and so on. Though such as dates in many ways is a variation of a topic. I just will go by my experience rather for my shared posts.

I do wish I could more easily hang out with others. Just things like work overtime and family issues make things difficult. I will post more later perhaps.
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ray53young: "Tanglewood"

Turning off of the main road, I drove back a gravel lane before passing under a big sign.

-Welcome To Tanglewood-

I always wanted to find out what a nudist resort was like but never had the guts. Being a teacher, I had the summer off so I decided this was the time to finally satisfy my curiosity.

I nerviously approached the front desk to confirm my reservation and check in. The receptionist was an attractive young girl wearing absolutely nothing but a ball cap and sandals. At least I stilll had my clothes on. She told me I was in cabbin 4 and gave me the keys. I walked towards a large double door that said MAIN ENTRANCE. She quickly stepped out from behind the counter and grabbed my arm.

"What are you doing? You can't go out there like that. Beyond this door is positively no clothing."

She stood there watching while I removed my things. I was already having second thoughts about this whole idea.

"Thank you sir, and I promise you will get used to it. My first day was scary too, but feeling exposed and vulnerable is part of the thrill. Please take a seat out there in the flower garden and I will fetch Jerry to show you around."

I shuffled through the door and found myself in another world. There was a yellow brick walkway leading to a bench in the center of the fragrant garden. I sat down to wait for this Jerry guy. An outburst of laughter startled me. I guess my nerves were on edge because it was just a group of women chatting at a picnic table. As I continued to survey my surroundings I spotted two old men playing checkers under a gazebo. My biggest fear was getting an embarrassing erection. In a few minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to behold a vision of perfection.

"Hello, I'm Jerri."

"Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to be a..."

"A man? I hope you aren't too disappointed."

"No no, I like women way better!"

"I like them too, but I usually prefer men. So are you going to just sit there or let me welcome you with a nice hug."

As soon as I got up she threw her arms around me and pulled me against her warm body. Her hands were sliding up and down my back and she smelled wonderful. Oh no, I can feel it!  I'm getting hard! No-no-no! As soon as she let go I tried to cover myself.

"Now don't be shy. You need to celebrate your body, not cover it up. This is a place to free yourself from the inhibitions that society has burdened us with. We strive for total freedom of mind, body and spirit.
So what's your name?"

"Greg, Greg Harris."

"Well I'm pleased to meet you Greg. Now let's get on with the tour, shall we? And no covering up! A healthy erection is nothing to be ashamed of."

She was delightfully slender with light brown hair and sexy hips that flowed into long muscular legs, plus an awesome pair of tits that seemed to defy gravity. That clumsy boner was not giving up any time soon.

"Now right over there we have the dining hall with the pool located just behind it.  I hope you like skinny dipping Greg, because every evening after dark we have a pool party. It's the perfect opportunity to get comfortable with being naked in a crowd. Everyone will be anxious to get acquainted. Oh good heavens, I almost forgot the nature trail, it's my favorite. The path is right over there, and it's a bit narrow so allow me to lead the way."

Hell, now I was staring at her sexy ass. My stiffy bobbed along behind her, swaying back and forth like a dog's tail. I was so glad there were no other people close by. We entered the woods and it became darker. The organic smell of the vegetation was intoxicating.  As we walked deeper through the towering trees I looked back and could no longer see the entrance. Suddenly I tripped on something and ran right into her.

"I'm so sorry, it was a tree root or something."

"That's ok, at least I broke your fall. Oh my, and you still have that lovely erection. The forest always gets me horny too.  Greg, unlike most nudist resorts, we here at Tanglewood surrender to our natural instincts. What's the sense of being naked with others if you have to constantly restrain yourself."


"Would you like to take a break and relax on that nice bed of moss over there?"

She put her arms around me again and squeezed tight as her lips met mine. I've never kissed anyone this gorgeous! Her softness was pressing against me and she started humping.

"Greg, do you feel the call of the wild?"

"I'm definitely feeling it!"

She took my hand and led me over to lay on the lush green carpet.  My first day here, and this was actually happening!!

We frolicked under the dense canopy of trees.  Jerri eventually took control and moved on top.  Her hand reached down and started sliding the head of my cock along the length of her slippery smooth twinkie.

Her hips gently lowered until I was deep inside. It was so warm and soothing! She gripped my shoulders and began bouncing. All I had to do was lay there watch the beautiful fluid motion of her tits!

Soon she was thrashing into me with voracious lust and begging me to cum inside her. Suddenly a deafening cry echoed through the trees and her body collapsed on top of me quivering!

"Oh Greg! Fuck, that was so powerful! I'm still tingling!  I have to confess that I wanted to feel that delicious cock inside me from the moment I saw it!  Now it's your turn on top. You need to fill me up with that sexy love juice."

We swapped positions so I could continue at whatever pace felt best. Our bodies started working together again.  I couldn't take mt eyes off those unbelievable mountains of jello. She was gasping and calling out my name in frantic joy.  I was almost there and could feel myself begin to wind up.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes give it to me baby!  Give it to me!"

Fahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Gahhh....

I was totally demolished. We must have rested for 30 minutes looking into each other's eyes and softly kissing as our juices dripped on the moss.

The two of us strolled back hand in hand until we came to a picnic area where there was a large group eating. They spotted us approaching and motioned for us to join them.  As we drew close Jerri spoke up...


Everyone started to clap and seemed excited to meet me. They were reaching out to shake my hand as we walked towards the buffet table. I spotted the hostess from the front desk still wearing her ball cap and straddling someone's lap. A few others were also enjoying more than just the food.

Watching all the activity was rapidly giving me another boner. I recalled what Jerri said and battled the urge to cover up. A chubby bald guy was watching me grow and offered an admiring gesture of approval. Then I felt a pat on my ass and turned to see a white-haired lady with a naughty grin.

Jerri put her arm around me and whispered in my ear...

"Greg, it's very important to show compassion to the entire community. When someone desires your companionship, and I mean anyone, don't ever consider turning away the opportunity to make a new friend."

By this time I was sporting a flagpole as a pair of Asian women walked by and paused to introduce themselves. It took all the concentration I had to speak coherently while they were looking over my appendage like it was on the menu. Meanwhile, the white-haired lady lifted up her boobs and winked.

There was no doubt, it was going to be an eventful summer.
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AretoNyx: Sounds like that was a fun time. Thanks for sharing.
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ray53young: "The Girl Next Door"

She was just the girl next door and she spent most of her time annoying me. If her friends were around it was worse. But as we got older she began to change her attitude. Her name was Ruth Ann Bobcheck and she went to the Catholic school. One time she ask me to help her with a science project and I received a little peck on the cheek when we were done. Her hair had gotten longer and she was loosing that tomboy look in favor of something more attractive. I would even think of her at night in bed. She began wearing a bra, and one day I even saw a little eye make up. We started to go on long bike rides together and talked about all sorts of things. One day we stopped at the park and walked down to the river bank. We stood there seeing who could skip stones the farthest. Then out of the blue she ask me...

"Tommy, can I see your penis? There's nobody around, and I promise I won't tell anyone."

She pulled up her t-shirt and lifted her bra. Damn they were beautiful! She even moved her shoulders making them sway from side to side. The nipples were a lot larger than I expected. I could feel myself getting a boner.

"Come on Tommy, I really want to see it. I dare you."

I looked around in all directions before unfastening my belt. I unzipped my jeans and let them drop, then pulled down my underwear. My hard cock leaped out like a catapult. Her eyes got big and she smiled.

"My parents would kill me if they knew I was about to grab a boy's erection."

And just like that she reached out and captured me. I placed my hands on her bare waist and moved up until I was cupping her tits. Holy cow they were so soft, and she didn't seem to mind that I was playing with them. It was an even trade I suppose. She didn't know what to do with my cock besides squeeze it, but that was ok. She giggled as her face drifted close to mine and we shared our first kiss. We both got dressed again and hurried back home, exchanging glances along the way. It was an unforgettable day.
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ray53young: "My First"

I started dating her mainly because she was so easy to talk to and always had a way of keeping the conversation going. I needed someone like that because I could never think of shit to say. Even back in high school if I would call a girl on the phone, I would have a list of things written down so I didn't stall out. But you can't read from a teleprompter on a date.

I was one of those quiet ones, and I hated myself for it. But Cathy was so wonderful. Her nickname was Cat. She understood my awkwardness and even thought it was sort of cute. I had never gone all the way with a girl and I think she was knew that. There aren't many secrets in a small town. I always behaved like a gentleman, opening the door for her and pulling out the chair to seat her at a restaurant. She normally would give me a look like I was being silly.

She wanted someone that didn't mind her erotic jokes or loud behavior and I wanted to become that person. Damn she was so pretty. I liked the way other guys would stare at her. It made me feel special.

After an enjoyable evening at a the movies she invited be to her apartment. By the time we pulled into her parking lot I was a nervous wreck.

I opened the car door for her and as soon as she got out, she grabbed my hand and we started running towards her door. My excitement level was off the charts. Just as we stepped inside, I was pushed up against the wall and we began to kiss. I heard a noise and saw a head peek out of a door in the hall.

"Hey Cat, who did you bring home?"

"Gary, this is Trish, my roommate."

Shit, I was hoping this was going to be my first time. I didn't think there would be a freakin' roommate. She walked up and kissed Cat. And I don't mean just a little peck, they were really going at it. She pulled down Cat's tube top and there they were, the most perfect set of tits I ever saw. But I wasn't the one squeezing them.

"Trish! Slow the fuck down! You're going to scare away Gary! He's not used to this sort of thing."

And she was right about that. This was definitely not turning out the way I had pictured.

"Gary please don't freak out, Trish and I,,, well,,, we enjoy each other's company, but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings for you. I wanted tonight to be very special."

"Does that mean you're going to share him?"

"Trish shut up!"

"He looks really hot."

"Can you please just go for a walk or something and leave us alone for a while."

"I don't have time for a walk, I'll be in the living room working on my term paper. I'm guessing you two want the bedroom?"

"Yes we do if you don't mind."

"Does he have a nice dick?"

"Trish I said shut up! Gary don't pay any attention to her. Follow me, the bedroom is right down the hall."

A thousand emotions were flooding my mind! She likes girls too? The roommate looked as good as Cat and had much bigger tits. Just picturing the two of them together was giving me a hard-on. But I needed to concentrate on Cat. She was about to take away my virginity, at least I hoped so. Cat took my hand and directed me to the bedroom. My mind was racing!

As we entered the room, Cat finished removing her tank top and began to unbutton my shirt. She slipped it off of me and gave me a big hug. Those beautiful tits felt so nice pressing up against me. I was in full boner mode. She unfastened my belt and pulled down my zipper then didn't waste any time sliding my pants to the floor. One quick pull on my boxers and my erection sprung into view.

"Shit Gary, I had no idea!"

I guess she liked it? She laid back on the bed and proceeded to peel off her skin tight jeans, followed by the panties. Holy shit! All shaved clean. My cock was hard as an algebra equation. She pulled me down onto the bed with her and we began to kiss again. Her hands grabbed my ass and she pulled me against her. My precum was smearing on her tummy. She rolled over and spread her legs as a chill ran down my spine. This was it !!!

"Come on Gary, I know you want to."

I slid my hand down between her legs. She was already super slippery. I knew that was important. I explored until I located what I thought was her clit. She jolted so I figured that was the right spot.

"That's it Gary, just move your fingers around right there. Oh yes, Ahhh Ahhhhh Fuck keep going just like that. Oh god, that feels so nice! Gary, I want to feel you inside me. Right now!"

I moved on top of her and she helped guide me. I slowly eased in and was amazed at the sensation! It felt so warm and comfy, and as I started to move, it was even better!

"I LOVE this!" I exclaimed.

"I love it too Gary, your cock feels wonderful."

Just then the door opened and in walked her roommate! And she was freakin' naked!!!

"Don't pay any attention to me, I just need some class notes."

"Dammit Trish! You knew what was going on in here. Now get the fuck out! And wipe that smile off of your face, I'm not sharing!"

I could tell her roommate had no intentions of leaving and was inching towards us. But nothing could distract me from the feeling of a real girl. I felt Trish put both hands on my ass and start pushing in time with my rhythm. Cat was now having too much fun to even care. This was turning out way different than I had imagined! Trish jumped onto the bed and started thrusting against my butt and moaning along with Cat. I didn't know how much more of this I could endure! Suddenly Cat screamed! It scared the shit out of me! She must have had an orgasm or something, and I wasn't far behind. Trish collapsed onto my back as she continued to bang into me. I cried out as powerful surges blasted right into Cat's pussy!

"Cat! I exploded!"

Trish and Cat began to laugh. I joined in was we tried to untangle ourselves. I heard a big thump. Trish had fallen off the bed.

"Gary, I apologize for my horny roommate. But I suppose it made your first time a little more memorable."

We continued to date and share many more enjoyable evenings together. Cat attempted to get Trish out of the apartment whenever I would stop by.

Well, ahhh, except when she was in the mood to share me.
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ray53young: "My Internet Date"

It was two years since the accident. Living without Barbra has been difficult. I miss her warm touch, but I thought it was time to start dating. My son is 6 now and I believe he is old enough to understand that I need to make some new friends. I started with an on-line dating app. It felt so unnatural to shop for a female like I was looking for a used car. I scrolled down the list of local women and found one with some similar interests. It felt awkward writing to someone I had never met, but I managed to make a connection. She was five years older than me, but that didn't seem to bother her. We continued writing for almost a month before I got the nerve to ask her out. Plans were made for a dinner date and I arranged for a sitter to stay with Trever. The girl had watched him before and lived just a block away. Ellen showed up 30 minutes early and began playing a board game with Trever before I left.

The date went ok I guess, but she seemed a little too formal for my taste. I suppose I was looking for someone a little more fun loving. I got back home around 11:30 and was glad to hear that Trever had behaved himself and was sound asleep. Ellen asked me if I had a good time. I was honest and told her the evening was a disappointment. I handed her the normal fee but instead of leaving, she walked over and sat down on the couch. Her hand patted the space next to her.

Against my better judgement I plopped down and went into more detail about the date. She was looking at me with those puppy dog eyes and it was getting hard to formulate basic thoughts. I could feel myself getting aroused and there was no way to hide the obvious bulge in my trousers.

Suddenly she pealed off her top. Holy crap, what is she doing?!!  As much as I tried, I couldn't take my eyes off them. They were so round and perky, and those pink puffy nipples were just begging for attention. How did she know this was my weakness? Without thinking, I leaned over and began to suck as she smiled, so proud that she was seducing an older man.

Her hand reached to unfasten my belt and unzip. Those blue eyes lit up when she first saw my erection spring into view. Soft curious hands made me tremble as she explored. Watching her fondle me was intoxicating. I felt so naughty for letting an 18 year old take advantage.

She giggled as her arm began to move while I watched those amazing titties jiggle.  She would periodically look me in the eyes with a big smile. I was melting!  She was obviously enjoying herself and I could feel my orgasm coming to a boil. Moments later I was gasping and straining when devastating surges sent streams of warm cream spilling over her hand and down my shaft. My cock was still flinching as she continued milking out all that she could. I was shocked when she licked the tip to get a taste.

"Sorry Mr Downing, I was desperate to see what a guy's orgasm was like. I hear the girls talking at school but I needed to find out for myself. I hope you're not mad at me. I won't tell anyone, I promise."
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