Are you dating a scammer?

toughrose: You thought you met that special someone then he or she turned out to be the scammer. As 2nd chance act and romance scam advocate that anyone of us can all fall into the trap. You thought you have been very carefully till love made me blind and you trust the wrong person to be with.

Where are the signs that we can look for? When a stranger started smiling at you and make you like a princess and what does he or she want? Your heart or your money? You teach your kids do not talk to strangers that goes for adults online as well.

You may want to check these signs for the scammer.
1. They never want to video chat with you and only texting (there is new technology for alter video so watch for that too) phone call is not enough.
2. They made plans to meet and never showed up
3. Photo, ID, can be impersonate so you want to meet in person
4. Run when they asked you for money regardless what reasons
5. Don't believe what they said till you can see it in your own eyes
6. There are also in person romance scammers too so during time we meet in person and do not pay for anything and just split 50/50 unless you are just totally blindly in love and you might want to sign everything in paper like prenuptial agreement during dating stage.
7. The men or women sweet talk to you all the time that too much sugar is not good for you!
8. Do not fall for the photos they sent you if you do not meet them in person.
9. Turn off your PC and go to meet real people and talk to the real people.
10. If they sent you a gift, they don't show up and do not believe any excuse.
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