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Stud2020: im trying to start my cleaning business as I am trying to promote my gofundme. Where can I post to get help to allow me to post my go fund me link.

long story short I'm tired of people judging me because I'm a bigger guy, so does anyone know where i can put my go fund me without trouble i want to run my own business and help those in Ohio my town who can't get a job, or post my Paypal.

I will the funds I get and I purchase will show receipt proof
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The giant midget
The giant midget: Starting a business isn't easy ,but It has many rewards and pitfalls.
Your clientele will judge you on your ability to accomplish your work duties , not by what you look like .
Borrow upstart money from a financial institution ,your family,your friends but not from some fundraising organization that is there to provide for the needy not the greedy.
In my personal opinion there is something not right with your story,it just doesn't pass the sniff text
Good luck
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Stud2020: See money thing borrowing im having issue but i hear my bank got funded to help small businesses i hava alot of cleaning experience and i have got time cards and few things and still working on getting things i need more help. I even paid off 20 percent of my credit report got my score up 58 points i was so excited.

nothing sniffy about it. I had this planned and im tired of earning food stamps and medical when i can work to earn my keep. im not doing anything and i want to prove to work and have my own business. I can make candles and bake cookies and cakes and sell them to help. I need the extra help. I am not taking people money and running. I have made clear that anything purchased willl have receipt proof im not just taking money that it going to my business i can send a copy of my irs business name if u think im playing
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bmoneywisesavings: Hello Stud2020,

I am from London UK and I have always thought the American dream was easy than here in the UK. I am self-employed in the digital & property industry for 11 years. Today I see the positives, I work less hours now and have a lot more time to do thinks I like etc...

I never judge I just try to help positive people who what to improve their circumstances. There is nothing wrong in having dreams and wanting success. 11 years ago, I was in the same situation. Negative friends came and went; they were killing my soul… I fucked them off. I started looking at life different, I surfed the internet looking for business networking groups. From here I found positive people investors, business minded contact. Somewhere very wealthy. My circle of friends changed over the space of a few months… Today, 11 years later many of my network contacts are now close friends and associates. Negative friends of the past now see my success, while their life has not improved. some have children and lots of debt etc... Now they ask me for money... When I refuse, to help they verbally attack me etc...? What they forget is they never supported me in the 11 years now they want me to help them...

I found these links for you; they are grant give organisation based in the USA. You will need a strong business plan, GOOD LUCK...
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