Gay Male romance, Fantasy, horror

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Night Angel-

Devin was just a normal high school senior. Headstrong and reckless he's ready to take on the entire town when he and his lover, Adam, are discriminated against by the school board. When no one will come to their aide, Devin takes matters into his own hands. A harmless prank soon leads to tragedy and Devin's world is turned upside down.
Now alone, devastated, and facing an uncertain future, Devin is thrust into a world he never knew existed. A world where vampires and werewolves live along side humans in secret.
Now part of this unseen world, Devin is haunted by his grief and anger, but his anger is misplaced as he lashes out at those around him.
In a desperate attempt to end his suffering and embrace his new life, Devin decides to take revenge on the ones responsible for his lover's death.
With a trail of bodies left behind, Devin soon realizes that more death and suffering can't heal a heart that no longer beats, and nothing, not even vengeance, will bring back the dead.
Will Devin ever escape the sorrow and pain that threatens to consume him? Or will a new found love finally heal his broken heart?
Join Devin on his journey of self discovery as he realizes that monsters aren't always the things that lurk in shadows, and love can be found in the most unlikely of places.
This book has a strong Male/Male love theme with some steamy romance and a strong element of horror.
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