Writing is hard

nelld815: What to do when I have a book idea but bad at writing? Could someone write my idea?
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RoughNight: People write other's ideas all the time. Ghost writing is an entire career field. However, the most rewarding pursuit is perhaps to find someone to partner with instead. See if you can write a portion of your idea together with someone.

If you feel your writing is weak, but wish to pursue putting your ideas into words, collaborating with another writer might help hone your own skills. Chose an idea you are less serious about at first, so you can try it as a fun exercise. Have them create a portion of the story, while you create a different part. See what comes of it and how well you work together.
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ghostgeek: Writing is hard, so read a ton of books and write every day.
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ray53young: Writing is easy. I just write down the movie that is playing in my head.
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ray53young: "A New Werewolf"

It was the beginning of a day I would never forget. I could hear the sound of waves lapping against the shore and felt a cool breeze against my skin. My eyes flashed open as I jerked my head off the ground. Holy shit I'm outside and, NAKED?!! There was a young man jogging down the shoreline right towards me! I jumped to my feet and tried to cover myself with my hands the best I could.

"Miss, are you ok?" the man inquired as he caught his breath.

"No, I'm NOT ok! Please believe me, I have no idea why I am here or how this happened."
He looked away as he cleared his throat.

"Those are some nasty scratches on your back. You probably feel a little disoriented, but that's to be expected. This must be your first time."

"First time? What the hell are you talking about!"

"Don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

And off he went as quickly as he came. I squatted down as low as I could, hoping no one else could see me. There was nothing around to hide behind. Do I just say ‘screw it’ and make a mad dash for cover? In a moment the man returned holding a flowered sheet. Stopping a few feet from me, he held it out, looking away as I reached to take it. I quickly wrapped myself and thanked him. There was a large scar down the side of his face but he had very attractive eyes. Tight faded blue jeans were low on his waist and his hair moved with the breeze.

"Hopefully those people won't miss their sheet. I think you need it more than they do" he chuckled. "My name is Rex, Rex Bennet."

I forced myself to smile. "I'm Carie."

"Carie... That's a cute name. I know this is a strange way to meet, but I knew something must be wrong."

"Wait a minute, now I remember!"

“What do you remember?" he said as he scratched the back of his head.

"This is a camping trip! I came here to go camping with my friend Brenda. We were sitting by the fire when suddenly something big crashed through the bushes and pounced on us. I heard a painful scream as it sunk it's teeth into Brenda. I remember running so fast that I thought my heart was going to explode. Then I woke up like this!"

"I can't imagine how terrified you must have been. I feel just awful about your friend, but please, you can't tell anyone about this."


"You were probably infected by those scratches on your back. Carie, have you ever heard of a, werewolf?"

"You're crazy! That's just in stupid movies!”

"Listen, I know, because it happened to me too.”

"What are you saying? You think I changed into one of those dreadful creatures?!!"

"Do you have another explanation for waking up naked?"

"Oh SHIT!"

"You should stay away from your camp site. You don't need to see that. Let's go over to the cabin I rented, and I'll try to explain."

We were walking close to each other, and even though we had just met, I could feel a strange attraction. My mind was racing, but I had no clue what to say to him. We walked without speaking until we arrived at group of rustic cabins. He turned and brushed his hand across my forehead, tucking my hair behind my ear and without warning he leaned in to kiss me. Like a fool, I instinctively put my arms around him. That was a big mistake, because the sheet fell to the ground. He paused just short of the kiss.

"Sweetheart we better get you inside." he said as he quickly snatched up the sheet and threw it across my shoulders. The door was held open for me as we entered the cabin.

"Here, please sit on the couch, I'll get you something to drink."

He came back with a Pepsi and an oversized shirt that I quickly put on. He sat sat down beside me. Why was I trembling? I looked into his eyes and could feel myself getting aroused as he spoke to me. I wanted him so desperately.

I could no longer restrain myself and pushed him to the floor. We wrestled for dominance, scratching, biting and kissing as we tore each other's clothes off. It felt like I was on fire when dark hair started appearing all over me, then everything faded to black. I woke up naked again and found myself on the floor beside him. Quietly getting up, I slipped the big shirt back on and tiptoed outside. Moments later the door opened and he peered out.

"Please let me explain." he pleaded.

"Get the fuck away from me! What the hell happened in there?!!"

"Now calm down, normally it's the full moon that causes the transformation, but strong emotions can trigger it too."

I felt like ripping his damn throat out, but part of me found him irresistible. I was so confused.

"Let's go for a walk back down by the lake." he said in a calm voice. He quickly got dressed and we started towards the water.

"Listen Carie, I know this is a lot to take in. When it's time for a full moon, I usually try to get away from the city. That's why I'm here at this campground, because when you transform, the animal instincts take over. You don't have any memory of your time as a wolf."

Just then I heard police sirens. Had someone discovered the campsite? Shit! I was so caught up in this insane mess that I forgot all about it. Rex grabbed my hand.

"We need to get back to the cabin!" he said sternly.

Both of us started running. Damn I could go like the wind! As soon as Rex shut the cabin door he said we needed to leave. I helped him throw a few things in his Mercedes and we were gone. I felt like a criminal on the run, what kind of a life will this be. I sat there quietly watching the telephone poles go by.

"Rex, if they search the camp site they will find my things, my drivers license, home address, shit, everything!"

"Please will you just relax, they won't find you. They will never find you. For all they know, you died with your friend. It will probably be on the news, two teens tragically killed by a bear while camping at Green Lake."

"But where will I go, what will I do?" Rex reached over and took my hand.

"Listen, I have a friend that can get you a new identity, and it would be safer if you would remain with me for a while."

"It looks like I have no choice." I mumbled.

"Have you ever been to Paris?"


"I own a small jet that can get us there in a few hours. Carie, your life is not over, it's just beginning."
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ghostgeek: Well, I find writing hard.
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ray53young: I was never a reader, but I discovered that writing was a tool that let me safely explore any fantasy I could imagine.
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ray53young: "The Cave"

The four of us were thrilled by our discovery. We cleared away the vines from the cave entrance and couldn't wait to do some exploring. Roger ran back to the Jeep and returned with the head lamps.

We quickly removed all of our clothing except for our hiking shoes and put on the lamps. Susan winked at me when she noticed my freshly shaved twinkie. Roger was ogling at both of us while showing off his erection and expecting us to bow down and worship him. Jerry just chuckled and motioned for us to follow him inside.

We are members of a local caving club called 'Going Down'.  It's a chapter of The National Nude Spelunking Society.

After following Jerry in about twenty feet, it was time to switch on the head lamps. The cave walls had a glistening sheen to them, like they were covered in some sort of organic slime. We watched our step because the floor was becoming slippery as well.

Each of us made our way down the narrow passage until it opened into a large subterranean chamber. There was an unusual smell that hung in the air. Jerry and Susan were holding hands as we continued exploring. There were none of the normal calcium formations like I was expecting. All I could see were smooth surfaces, almost as if the enormous room had been hollowed out of the solid rock.

Jerry started kissing Susan and fondling her huge boobs, which were acquired from an expensive plastic surgeon. She's such a show off. I focused my light on both of them and watched Jerry's enthusiasm grow long and firm. Roger caught me looking and smacked me right on the ass. I pulled him close and we began kissing but were suddenly interrupted by a weird noise.

We turned to see that something gigantic and horrifying had blocked our way out. Roger pushed me away and started running but tripped on something and went down hard. He lay there motionless as a second creature moved out of the shadows slithering towards him.

Jerry and Susan rushed to his aid, but were caught up in the monster's slimy tentacles. They battled to break free as their naked flesh was covered in thick sticky ooze.

Jerry shouted for Susan when a tentacle started dragging him towards its mouth. Susan continued to struggle in vain. A tentacle was firmly coiled around one of her tits. It looked like a balloon ready to pop! I pulled off my shoes and threw them at the ugly creature but couldn't even get its attention. I desperately wanted to help but was too frightened to get close.

Jerry cried out in terror as his slippery body was sucked inside. Our eyes met for a moment just before he was swallowed.

The monster's jaws opened again and the tentacle clenching Susan's boob started pulling her while she screamed in hysteria. I turned and saw Roger who was still unconscious.  His limp body was being picked up by the other creature and I was powerless to do anything but witness the insane carnage.

I felt so frustrated as I turned back towards Susan whose upper body was now inside the creature's mouth. Her legs were still kicking as I watched her outline slide down its throat.

Things got quiet for a minute until the fucking bastards turned and spotted me. They began to inch closer when my head lamp picked the absolute worst time to flicker and fade out.

I was left standing naked and alone in the darkness, waiting...
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ghostgeek: So what happens next?
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ray53young: I like to leave the reader hanging. Besides, if I take it too much farther it wouldn't be a "short story"
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ray53young: "My Last Day In Babylon"

Our little adventure takes place in the cultural capitol of Mesopotamia, 605 BC.

   Darkness was descending upon Babylon and it was time to pick up Mylitta. We had been seeing each other for almost six weeks. My best friend had introduced us. She is so amazing!  Long dark hair, a slender waist, plus unbelievable breasts for her size. I love to watch them bounce as she walks, and so does everyone else. Other women glare at her with envy.

We found a romantic place to eat and I picked a table way in the back for some privacy. After dinner she was anxious to enjoy some intimate pleasure so we found a nice grassy spot beside the river. Both of us removed our robes and spread them out to lay down on. Her erotic charm made me happy to be alive. She said that she had a surprise for me and handed me a brightly wrapped piece of candy. I offered to share it with her, but she said that it was just for me. It tasted wonderful.

We continued to frolic under the moon light, but for some reason it was becoming impossible to concentrate. Why did I feel so sleepy? She laughed when she noticed I was having difficulty and began waving the candy wrapper in my face. That was the last thing I remembered...

I woke up the next morning in shock and disbelief finding myself totally naked and tied down to a sacrificial altar!  A group of young women had assembled around me dressed in long scarlet robes. One of them stepped forward.

"Good morning. I see the sedative has worn off. I hope we have made you comfortable."

"What the hell is going on here!! Where is my clothing and why am I tied down like this? How did I even get here?"

"Your girlfriend slipped you a little sleeping potion we provided. She was boasting about your uncommon size as we haggled over the price. You are obviously worth every shekel we paid."

"She SOLD me?? That BITCH !!!"

"Now calm down, if someone had offered me that much money, I would have sold my boyfriend too. It's easy to find another. And to answer your question, you were purchased to offer in tribute to Viagra, god of fertility."

I heard some snickering from the crowd as the priestess began to touch me. The congregation dropped their robes and moved closer. I was becoming quickly aroused by her curious hands and all those naked women. In a few moments everyone was admiring the result of their effort.

"Pardon me while I say a few words to my people."




The priestess moved around to the back of the altar so everyone could see. I noticed her grin as my erection was anointed with oil, then she began gently milking me.  An assistant stepped forward holding a golden chalice. I could hear suggestive shouts of lust and desire from the congregation. Two younger girls pushed through for a better view. One of them began to dance and giggle while the another just watched and started to pleasure herself.

The priestess had a determined look on her face as she began stroking faster. I knew what everyone wanted to see, and it was pointless to resist. Soon I was pasionately moaning and pulling at the ropes. I could feel pressure building as my muscles tenced in frantic anticipation. Finally explosive surges sent my juices gushing into the waiting goblet. The crowd cheered as the priestess lifted the cup to her lips and swallowed...

Well, ahhh, I suppose that was entertaining.

Just when I thought the show was over, she turned and picked up a large metal blade and dramatically lifted it into the air.

"No wait, what are you doing?!!" I shouted in confusion.


Her arm came plunging down just as the alarm clock went off...

Gasping for breath I clutched at my chest. I could hear Mom yelling something about being late for school when I realized that I was safe in my own room. I threw off the covers and found everything drenched in cum.

Damn that was so cool...
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ghostgeek: Seems you can't trust anyone, even in your dreams.
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ray53young: Yes, I tried to paint a picture of manipulation and deception in a foreign culture. But with a happy ending of course.
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