The best of all Vampire novels!!! (Page 4)

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doro59: Black Dagger Brotherhood is a great series!! By JR Ward
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jennifer_berthume: Salem's Lot by King. I hardly slept a wink for a week.
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TheCovenant: Church. A vampire runs into a church and asks to see a priest. The priest asks the vampire to tell him what happened. The vampire tells him he bit a policeman and something terrible is happening to him. The priest says to the vampire he is turning into a cop and there is only one way to stop the process. He has to get soaked in holy water. As the priest is getting the holy water the policeman enters the church and yells there is the vampire that bit me. The priest rushs forward and yells at the vampire to stand back. He then throws the holy water at the policeman who immediately bursts into flames. Moral of the story never bite a cop.
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Sahara Dessert
Sahara Dessert: Vampire Empire by Clay and Susan Griffiths is an excellent quadrilogy
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WhiteRussian: Has anyone mentioned Laurel K. Hamilton, because they are pretty good.
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