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Don't Add Me Thinking I Want to Talk Dirty with You, Because I Don't and You Will Be Blocked. Don't Pm Me to Ask Me Dumb Questions You Could Have Asked in the Room, You Will Bore Me and Be Blocked....
Houston • Female • 39 years old
well........I'm like 5'6" 114lbs and basically pretty loserish....so like.live with my mom... not into shoes or employment and way smarter than i look .but I am cumdumpster for guys
Houston • Male • 20 years old
Thank u but No cyber, no Role play, no Skype, no Instagram, no females, no one young enough to my son, local is a plus to discuss news. Jstmeher = jstchat
Houston • Female • 50 years old
Houston • Male • 31 years old
Houston • Female • 26 years old
Not much about me. Just a plain jane, living a plain life.
Houston • Female • 29 years old
Houston • Female • 18 years old
Don't gaf about drama here you people act like you eat with these people. Most of you got more faces then a deck of cards.
Houston • Male • 38 years old
I’m married to the great love of my life. I love to chat, especially with other married folks who have dominant personalities and no desire to blow up their lives. :-)
Houston • Female • 56 years old
I consider myself to be a caring, loving, confident, smart, sweet, and very kind human being. I value honesty and good manners. I'm a very simple person but at the same time, I have style and...
Houston • Female • 42 years old
Houston • Female • 27 years old
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