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Dear undisciplined horny people: I can post whatever kind of pictures I want to post. My posting of those pictures does not mean you can talk to Me any kind of way. I control and monitor who I let...
Houston • Female • 37 years old
I'm from Iceland LOVE IS THE 5th ELEMENT
Houston • Female • 23 years old
zeffur Online
Houston • Male • 120 years old
Houston • Female • 44 years old
Houston • Female • 29 years old
Houston • Female • 33 years old
New to this site.. I hate talking about myself, If you want to know more, just ask . I do not have a cam, no Skype, no anything, if you want to go there. then move on to someone else, and good...
Houston • Female • 41 years old
Houston • Female • 44 years old
Drop in and chat! I have a quirky sense of humour. I've sailed the seven seas multiple times and been to 26 countries. Studied architecture in college. I don't take life too seriously. Mellow...
Houston • Male • 66 years old
Houston • Female • 36 years old