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No, I don't want to skype. No, I don't have kik or snap chat. No to everything.
Houston • Female • 33 years old
Phoenix801 Online
Houston • Female • 53 years old
Houston • Female • 29 years old
Houston • Female • 40 years old
Hi, I'm Jade. a pretty humble, open-minded woman who enjoys relaxing on the beach and my job as a Neonatologist (intensive care for new-born) at a leading hospital here in Houston. Please don't be...
Houston • Female • 42 years old
Houston • Female • 25 years old
Houston • Female • 37 years old
I’m not here looking for anything. I just like to chat. Don’t ask if I have Skype, Kik, hangouts, or whatever else that’s out there. Don’t to chat on the phone. If you don’t have a picture, don’t...
Houston • Female • 46 years old
New thing, and this is the only warning, send me an add or PM me without asking if is OK i WILL block. So start reading with the head between your ears not under your beltline. I have a new start...
Houston • Female • 44 years old
I am a Texas girl; born and raised. Kind, sweet and compassionate. Here in Texas we grow up learning to say "please and thank you". Just the way it is. A lot of people don't take the time to...
Houston • Female • 27 years old
Sartre was right, hell is other people. Bullshitting is mandatory to maintaining ones sanity in this 21st century.-William Braeden
Houston • Female • 121 years old
PSA don't ask me for my number chances are you won't get it!! Tillamook over everything! Cheese is life and life is too short to eat crappy cheese! I love m&m's. I am strong,independent, and I like...
Houston • Female • 31 years old
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