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Yes, I'm in a relationship with someone----No, I don't do webcams or PM's-----I'm here to talk to my friends.... and sorry, I rarely get on here..
Conroe • Female • 55 years old
trying to find a good chat friend.
Conroe • Male • 57 years old
I like to party. I dont and wont give a phuck about you. The End.
Conroe • Female • 31 years old
Im a single mom of two my kids r my everything
Conroe • Female • 37 years old
Looking for friends.
Conroe • Female • 48 years old
libertarian socialist i like music a lot. i don't listen to everything (jazz is eh)
Conroe • Male • 19 years old
Looking for intellectual chat
Conroe • Male • 48 years old
Conroe • Female • 30 years old
I am a 60-something educated professional with an overactive imagination.
Conroe • Male • 64 years old
love to dance, read , wine beach strolls.
Conroe • Female • 48 years old
:tux: :cat: :dog: :treasure: :mangapunksai: :broken: :heart: :rose: :stolenkiss: :friendkiss: :cupid: :love: :hug: :us: :blahblah: :duh: :dance: :banana: :evilbanana: :area51:
Conroe • Female • 28 years old
I don’t really have friends
Conroe • Female • 100 years old
Brooke Is the name. Don't forget that. I usually reply to all msgs, unless ur a creep:/ I'm very outgoing and friendly. I have a kick ass Personality and if you have any Qs you know what to do.
Conroe • Female • 33 years old
Married 27 male 2 kids looking for freinds
Conroe • Male • 40 years old