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♥ Well the name is Cassandra Maire♥ ♥ i am currently Engaged to Gary Locklear who is the best Fiancee ever♥ ♥ We are getting married Soon ♥ ♥ We are the proud parents of Gary Dwayne♥ wanna more...
Gallatin • Female • 32 years old
i love colorful things
Gallatin • Female • 27 years old
Gallatin • Female • 29 years old
Gallatin • Female • 42 years old
Gallatin • Male • 49 years old
Gallatin • Female • 42 years old
Gallatin • Female • 26 years old
Looking to move to Orlando with my son
Gallatin • Female • 57 years old
Gallatin • Male • 28 years old
I recently moved to Gallatin, TN and I'm looking to make some new friends. I lived in Central Florida for almost 25 years and do not miss it one bit! I graduated from the University of Central...
Gallatin • Female • 53 years old
Gallatin • Female • 32 years old
Gallatin • Female • 31 years old
I'm a Entrepreneur my current business of choice is in Telecommunications. I'm also a college student majoring in Business Management and Marketing. I'm searching for individuals who know they are...
Gallatin • Female • 38 years old
Gallatin • Female • 32 years old
I feel like I'm unwanted here I'm deleting this page and resignation from another name I hated my last name
Gallatin • Female • 28 years old
My name is music..rock, rap, hip hop, pop, w/e I listen to it..I love to read..adultswim is the shiz. I love to laugh an make others laugh. I am a quiet person, until I get comfortable...
Gallatin • Female • 35 years old
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