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I am a southern (USA) gal, fun, fit, feisty and smart enough to get along quite nicely. Nice to meet you!
Greenville • Female • 37 years old
I like cooking, camping, horseback riding, hanging out with friends and family, road trips, movies, etc.
Greenville • Female • 48 years old
100% me 100% of the time!
Greenville • Female • 35 years old
Note: I come and go on here unpredictably. I love to learn. I love cats. I love chocolate.
Greenville • Female • 31 years old
I can smell BS a mile away, and smooth-talkers beware....I'm already onto you :D If I don't respond, it's cause you incorrectly assumed Hi or Hello or You're Hot was a good opener. I'm not...
Greenville • Female • 33 years old
Greenville • Female • 56 years old
Greenville • Female • 28 years old
Just call me Haley....or Haley Coffman. LOL. Working to finish up my schooling now. I guess I have some important decisions to make about my future coming up. To go out in the big world, return to...
Greenville • Female • 21 years old
Greenville • Female • 32 years old
Greenville • Female • 55 years old
Greenville • Female • 52 years old
Greenville • Female • 37 years old
Greenville • Male • 53 years old
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