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I’m originally from Serbia and grew up during the Yugoslav Wars. I found an outlet in athletics and devoted myself to it. Moved to the US to work as a strength and conditioning trainer in collegiate...
Montclair • Female • 33 years old
Indie movie fan
Montclair • Female • 49 years old
Montclair • Female • 35 years old
Hi, my name's Cath, I'm living in New Jersey and working as a general practitioner / primary care physician in a family practice that I have with two partners.
Montclair • Female • 42 years old
Montclair • Female • 39 years old
Bad bitch. Do drugs. Fuck bitches. Date sugar daddies. I take donations 12EKH9akyC4TnrFESvxbd4a1qd551fJHT6
Montclair • Female • 23 years old
Jersey Girls Don't Pump Gas !!! Teased Hair! Sky-high hair is the official state hairstyle of NJ. To achieve BIG HAIR, the Jerseylicious hair trifecta: A medium round brush, a teasing comb...
Montclair • Female • 60 years old
Montclair • Female • 25 years old
Montclair • Female • 33 years old
Life is good.
Montclair • Male • 64 years old
*I live to dance, I have a good heart, and Im funny, but... 1.I am not your baby so please do not respond to me as such. 2.I do not have a cam so do not ask! 3.I do not wish to have a s*x chat, so...
Montclair • Female • 30 years old
Everybody is looking for something. I don't want a clever conversation, I don't need to impress anybody. Just be easy, simple, plain.
Montclair • Male • 46 years old
Montclair • Female • 31 years old
Montclair • Female • 66 years old
i'm a nerd and a huge fangirl. i like roleplaying. i'm pretty much a loser in real life.
Montclair • Female • 24 years old
I am Amber and i'm not your normal scene. Normal isn't interesting so why not stand out and be the bold beautiful you instead. I have manners if you do. I stand up for what I belive in and my...
Montclair • Female • 27 years old
Love to laugh and make others laugh
Montclair • Female • 47 years old
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