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Who am I in this world of billions but a leaf 🍃 cast from its tree. Left to be nothing more than a remembrance of better times. ~me🏵️
Manchester • Male • 36 years old
Manchester • Male • 41 years old
Manchester • Male • 73 years old
Retired architect. Cats, classical music, genealogy, golf, books, foreign languages among my main interests. The keys to mental health are adequate shelving.and closet space and good lighting and...
Manchester • Male • 79 years old
Manchester • Female • 44 years old
Im looking to move to Montreal and visit often and looking to find out more about things to do and see. Someday want to move to Paris after I speak French alot better! And pretty much make friends...
Manchester • Female • 50 years old
Manchester • Male • 23 years old
Manchester • Male • 57 years old
Active single guy
Manchester • Male • 67 years old
Manchester • Undefined • 39 years old
I'm a complicated person
Manchester • Male • 57 years old
Well now that's over, time for real summer fun !! ;)
Manchester • Female • 63 years old
Manchester • Female • 29 years old