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im smart, funny, love to make people laugh, and i love a person who doesnt lie, or cheat or steal. and someone who doesnt judge me just because what i look like will be a good friend to have
Sparks • Female • 29 years old
Jackie :)
Sparks • Female • 26 years old
RAINDROPS AND A BOAT ADRIFT under a luminous moon passing i long to rejoin a hidden doorway to stop my heart & soul from anguish & pain outside rain washes away every dark...
Sparks • Male • 44 years old
Sparks • Female • 32 years old
hi im Joseph, Joe, hey you, really call me whatever you want just dont call me late for dinner.
Sparks • Male • 32 years old
Sparks • Female • 120 years old
It's my fault for my pasted. It's my fault for making my pasted prat my life over again when I should leave my pasted where it is. It's my fault putting you in my life. It's my fault I put to much...
Sparks • Female • 31 years old
Sparks • Female • 32 years old
Hi! I am Ej.... Haha talk to me to get to know me!
Sparks • Female • 26 years old
this may look a little bizzare...a lady approaching a guy just got here and really dont know much about this site,love your profile and will love to have a chat if you care
Sparks • Female • 36 years old
Sparks • Female • 30 years old
I am who I am, if you dont like that its fine be me, everyone has their own opinions of things, and I wont be the one to say they are wrong. I tend to be a happy go lucky type person, and enjoy...
Sparks • Female • 34 years old
I'm a real dude. I love all human beings. Come chat with me! That spam shit? Fuck that shit. We are going to have a real conversation.
Sparks • Male • 26 years old
Sparks • Female • 48 years old
Sparks • Female • 34 years old