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Married 26years but currently separated. I currently work part time receptionist and catering assistant. Formerly I worked teaching at high school level classes. Seeking full time position or...
Walkersville • Female • 48 years old
i like pro sports and movies and Like to dance some times and I like to read some times 2
Walkersville • Female • 30 years old
I am a program planner/manager for a government contractor in the health funding/medical research industry. I am the mother of twin boys, boy and a daughter. Total of four munchkins.
Walkersville • Female • 37 years old
Walkersville • Female • 31 years old
I like to read and watch pro sports like football baseball and hocket and basketball I like to play cards also i dont smoke and I drink some times
Walkersville • Female • 30 years old
Looking to connect with someone who has a good camera or phone w/camera to take my pics for portfolio and to take my wife's pics for portfolio. We are wanting to do this for our upcoming 25 years...
Walkersville • Male • 59 years old
I am a mom of two grown up kids who will never grow up.
Walkersville • Female • 43 years old
i like movies and I like to read some times and watch pro sports like football and basketball and hockey and baseball
Walkersville • Female • 29 years old
I Like To Play Games Talk To People And Make 3d worlds and homes.
Walkersville • Male • 30 years old
Walkersville • Male • 39 years old
Walkersville • Male • 53 years old
Walkersville • Female • 44 years old
I like movies and pro sports like NFL football and Pro hockey and basketball and baseball I like to read some times 2
Walkersville • Female • 23 years old
I ♥ acdc kittens
Walkersville • Female • 26 years old
I am on the quiet side at least until I get to know you. I am conservative and laid back.
Walkersville • Male • 70 years old
Walkersville • Male • 26 years old
Walkersville • Male • 67 years old
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