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My name is Mandy. Daughter of two. Sister of one. LOL. Still figuring my life out. At my age I still have a few years left to do that. I want a wild and carefree life while my parents want me to get...
Lexington • Female • 20 years old
Lexington • Female • 27 years old
Just here chatting and passing the time. I am Linda, born in 1998. Not looking to meet or skype or anything like that. Still living with parents. I have a younger sister, Mandy (20) who does chat on...
Lexington • Female • 21 years old
Lexington • Female • 76 years old
Lexington • Male • 21 years old
I'm highly educated and quite open minded. Hoping to meet a younger woman for dating. Other possibilities are also open, for example a bi woman could be an interesting proposition.
Lexington • Male • 47 years old
Lexington • Male • 38 years old
Lexington • Male • 59 years old
"On the surface, I'm a very cheerful person, but deep down I just love that dark winding road. I relate well to things being grim." -Stephan Jenkins
Lexington • Male • 34 years old