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:happy: happily MARRIED to Tired of bullsh!t, please just don't. ☣️☢️ Keep PMs clean, or I'll not hesitate to kill you. 🔪💀 🚫 Not looking...
Des Moines • Female • 41 years old
Des Moines • Female • 22 years old
Des Moines • Female • 42 years old
Des Moines • Female • 32 years old
A geeky girl always looking for fun! I am in and out on here so don't be offended if I leave suddenly. Also don’t ask for Skype or kik. It is tiring.
Des Moines • Female • 24 years old
I like pizza
Des Moines • Female • 36 years old
I grew up on a farm in rural Iowa and now I live in the big city (big for Iowa that is). I am fortunate enough that I still visit the farm and can enjoy the relaxed, quiet that only the country can...
Des Moines • Female • 49 years old
I am here to make friends...NOT SEX CHAT!!!!! If that is why you are PMing me is to "Sex chat" move right along to someone else, I am not at the least bit interested!!! Also..don't ask me to...
Des Moines • Female • 62 years old
Des Moines • Female • 67 years old
Des Moines • Female • 18 years old
Des Moines • Female • 58 years old
Single Les, 47, first and foremost, I am not here to chat with guys, so don't cry foul when you get a rude response when you PM me. That one is on you. I enjoy chatting online, meeting people,...
Des Moines • Female • 47 years old
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