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Compliment I received that sums me up: "Lmao... ouch... Ur super mean" (varun4ever)
Chicago • Female • 50 years old
Chicago • Female • 122 years old
Enjoy chatting with pleasant people. If you want to be friends, keep conversation respectful.
Chicago • Female • 58 years old
Chicago • Female • 27 years old
Chicago • Female • 99 years old
Chicago • Female • 27 years old
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Chicago • Female • 19 years old
I'm married to a lovely wife.. here to chat and have a little fun.. so take the sexual stuff somewhere else not accepted here.. thanks tyra!!!
Chicago • Female • 37 years old
Chicago • Female • 34 years old
so if u wanna friend me feel free..but it's helpful if u actually chat once you do that....
Chicago • Male • 59 years old
I'm a 50-something, pre-op transsexual,(M to F).I've been on doctor prescribed and monitored hormone regimen for 20 years. I've been living full-time as a woman for over 15 years. My driver's license...
Chicago • Female • 58 years old