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Dont let my name fool you,I am not a Cougar!!....I also Dont Accept Friend Request's if I havent talked to you before...If you want to send me one chat with me in the room let me get to know you a...
Grand Junction • Female • 55 years old
37 div mom of 2
Grand Junction • Female • 38 years old
(H) Fun loving country girl from colorado(USA) just here to make friends.. and kill time, when i have extra time to kill. being a single mom of 3 theres not too much free time to kill..
Grand Junction • Female • 39 years old
Grand Junction • Female • 22 years old
Grand Junction • Female • 36 years old
Live Fast Go Hard Do The Thing That Scares You. Don't Be Afraid To Jump. Thats how i live
Grand Junction • Female • 24 years old
I love having fun!!
Grand Junction • Female • 28 years old
I am shy. Complete fangirl. Hate politics. Hate organized religion. Mostly into girls, but guys are okay too. Message for more.
Grand Junction • Female • 29 years old
Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius & it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. i'm a laid back, free spirited massage therapist looking to meet interesting &...
Grand Junction • Female • 28 years old
Grand Junction • Female • 44 years old
outgoin', upbeat, creative, carin', unique, original, fun, spontanious, hardworkin', hallarious, bla-blamin', active, and amazin'!
Grand Junction • Female • 28 years old
Whatever is meant to be, will be... I'm a smart ass... get used to it or get the fuck out... And I'm super positive. Nothing can bring me down... and that's the way I like it...
Grand Junction • Female • 32 years old
im a white guy fro grand junction co
Grand Junction • Male • 48 years old
Lonely. Impatient. Deserving
Grand Junction • Female • 19 years old
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