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Boulder • Female • 38 years old
Boulder • Female • 43 years old
Boulder • Male • Under 18
Boulder • Male • 32 years old
Boulder • Female • 24 years old
Boulder • Female • 28 years old
Boulder • Female • 24 years old
Just here to chat and make friends
Boulder • Male • 33 years old
I'm pretty out going and am hyper frequently. Its hard to shut me up and I usually speak my mind.
Boulder • Female • 26 years old
you - in this case that would be me - one alan j clark that is... is an overly educated, over read, smart-ass sort of fella, looking for intelligent life forms on the internet to discuss...
Boulder • Male • 65 years old"wordy bastard?"...yeah...close enough for government work, anyway...
Boulder • Male • 44 years old
I enjoy living life. I spend half of my life outdoors. I like to meet real people and have good times. I also love talking to people that are different from me.
Boulder • Female • 31 years old
im down for the hatchet
Boulder • Male • 28 years old